Protect Your PC Against Computer Viruses While on Vacation

Do you know how to protect your PC against the millions of unpredictable computer viruses while on vacation? If you are planning to travel to an exotic island, the beach, the mountains or even the grandparent’s this summer, here are a few tips to protect yourself and your gadgets from security threats all over the world.

Computer Viruses While on Vacation

The average American vacationer carries along a laptop, tablet and a smartphone while on vacation. As cool or important as this may be, it is vital to have a precautionary plan, just as you would in your own home or a local coffee shop. Whether you are traveling near or far, you are at risk for a host of electronic issues that could ruin your vacation and affect you long after your return home. The truth of the matter is, cyber crime, viruses and other computer viruses don’t take vacations and you should never take a vacation from protecting yourself from them either.

Physical Security

Begin by protecting your PC with physical security. Start by investing in a travel-and-security friendly laptop bag. Take the time to personalize this gear and always keep your eyes on your gadgets. When you aren’t around to watch your computer, use the hotel’s “do not disturb” sign and go as far as buying a cable lock or using software security that locates your gadget when you are away.

Software Security

Before going on the road, take certain precautions such as installing and running the latest version of your device’s operating system before you go. Take measures to tighten your password or passcode, add screen locks, minimize lock times and consider making sure all your online accounts require re-entry of passwords.

For additional software security while on vacation, add a VPN to secure your data and to make you invisible to others using common public networks. While you’re at it, take the time to ask Hotel and Café representatives the network credentials so that you don’t mistakenly sign into a phony Wi-Fi network.

Additional PC Protection While on Vacation

It is safe to say that if you plan to travel abroad, you may be tempted to use Public Computers, and Internet Cafes as there are a lot of them overseas. Avoid using these computers to check valuable and security risk accounts such as emails, Facebook, bank information and so forth. If you do need to check these accounts, use “private” browser windows and ensure that the browser forgets your username and password once you log out. In addition, consider installing a two-step verification for your most important accounts that requires you to enter a password, and a second code to ensure safe access.

On another note, while you are away, know that there are less than friendly and crime ridden countries. Before you travel:

  • Tape over integrated laptop cameras or disable them.
  • Disconnect the laptop microphones.
  • Install a privacy screen.
  • Disable file sharing.
  • Backup all your data and computer information.

These are a few tips to protect your PC against viruses while on vacation. Upon your return make sure you perform the necessary regular computer maintenance required to keep your devices up to speed and safe once you get home.

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