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Regular PC maintenance is essential to ensure that your home or business PC is operating efficiently and securely. This is especially true in today’s digital environment where malware and countless computer viruses lurk around every corner of the internet. Failure to keep a system up to date can leave it vulnerable. And that vulnerability can result in any or all of the personal data stored on the system – including data belonging to your customers – being stolen and exploited by hackers and identity thieves.

Consumers and business owners no longer have the option of relying on poorly-functioning or neglected PCs. For most computer owners, their home or business network is like a safe containing a wealth of private data and financial information. A poorly-maintained computer is like an unlocked door on that safe, inviting disaster. With this in mind, it’s best to keep your PC maintained regularly.

Below are a few simple steps to take each month to keep your PC secure and operating efficiently:

Disk Defragmentation

Over time, with every hit of the “save” or “delete” key, PC files become fragmented. Although files may appear to be stored consistently, in actuality, they can reside all over a network. This is referred to fragmentation, and as it continues to occur, it can cause a significant drain on your system’s

performance. The goal of disk defragmentation is to peruse and rearrange stored data, reunite fragmented files and improve overall performance.

Today, automatic defragmentation is built right into most operating systems, leaving many users mistakenly believing that professional defragmentation is no longer necessary. Yes, most versions of Windows now automatically defragment hard drives, but in truth these internal defragmentation updates may not be adequate for busy PCs – especially if your PC is used for business. Periodic “de-frags” may be sufficient for small files, but for regular, large-scale defragmentation, you should consider using professional computer repair services websites.

Malware and Spyware Removal

Throughout the course of an ordinary day online, computer users may unknowingly expose their PCs to multiple sources of malware. Spyware (which can be delivered in the form of “cookies,” adware, and other tracking devices) is an especially common type of malware. Spyware tracks your PC behavior without your permission, collecting information. The data may be used to tailor online “pop-up” advertisements to you, or it can be used for more insidious purposes. Either way, spyware can significantly alter your computer’s configuration, making it run slower or crash frequently. Removing it can be especially challenging proposition. You can purchase anti-spyware software, but, because new forms of spyware or introduced every day, it might be best to schedule monthly maintenance appointments to manage spyware and malware.

Security Updates

Regular malware removal is essential, but it is also important to make sure the software on your home or business PC remains up to date. This can be accomplished through regular operating system updates. For instance, Microsoft releases new security patches each month, but these alone may not provide sufficient protection. Additional updates may be necessary for third-party software – especially common software packages such as Adobe Reader and Flash. After conducting a thorough audit of current security risks, a computer maintenance provider can review available patches and updates and install them as necessary.

With computers, an ounce of prevention may be worth several pounds of cure. The sooner minor issues such as fragmentation, malware, and other security vulnerabilities are identified and addressed, the sooner the system can be updated to ensure it is functioning correctly and the data it stores remains protected. By establishing a monthly maintenance program with Geeks on Site, you will achieve not only a more functional computer or computer system but also valuable peace of mind.

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