Holiday Gifts for the Technology Geek in Your Life

Are you a technology geek or do you have one on your shopping list? Every year there are a wealth of cool new gadgets and toys introduced just in time for the holidays. Although there are too many to list here, but – after some testing, trials, and a few laughs – Geeks on Site CEO George Otte and his team decided to recommend a few.

Axis Aerius

Billed as the “world’s smallest quadcopter,” and priced at only $35, this adorable miniature drone makes for affordable fun. It’s really tiny – we’re talking less than 1.5 inches wide. In fact, the only major drawback we see stems from its size; it could be easy to lose because it’s so small. It has four LEDs for orienting its travel direction and comes with its own storage unit. The control device is about the size of a digital camera or a gaming device. Just be sure to remember where you leave it.

Virtual Keyboard

A Brookstone exclusive, the Virtual Keyboard is a nifty tool for anyone who uses smartphones for business, especially if they do a lot of writing and typing. Using laser technology and connecting via Bluetooth®, the keyboard can be projected on any flat surface (such as a desktop or tabletop), and it uses optics to track your fingers. Compatible with both iOS and Android technology, it lasts about two hours before needing to be recharged. It’s priced below $120.

Ollie by Sphero

Sphero is the company that introduced the well-known BB-8 toy for the new Star Wars movie. This toy is nearly as much fun. According to one online reviewer, Ollie “can pull off stunts reminiscent of skateboard legend Tony Hawk.” Listed at $99.99, Ollie is an app-controlled robot that uses Bluetooth® technology to connect to your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It spins, flips and moves according to your directions and also has LEDs to keep the fun going after dark.

Nikon D3300 DSLR

The Nikon D3300 DSLR is a solid value, priced at less than $450. It is compact with a retracting lens and shoots 24.2-megapixel still images and video. It is a good camera for newbies seeking a step above standard point-and-shoot models but is competitively priced when compared to similar cameras offered by Canon and Olympus. It is small enough to use with a single hand and works with existing Nikon’s flash units. The camera is user-friendly – even for people intimidated by cameras. It works well in both bright and dim lighting and photos show both colors and details well.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

A practical gift – especially for the health-conscious person on your list – the Withings Smart Body Analyzer might be the best bathroom scale you will ever find. It measures weight, body fat, heart rate, and even air quality. You can also track your measurement via Bluetooth® on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, for about $150, it will look pretty cool anywhere in your home.

FLUXMOB Portable Battery and Wall Charger

FLUXMOB calls this the “world’s smallest portable battery and wall charger.” A 3000mAh Lithium Ion battery that is about the size (and shape) of a standard D battery, FLUXMOB is not only small, it looks pretty sharp and is available in several colors. Priced at less than $50, it offers standard AC prongs on one side and a USB charging port on the other to keep your electronics charged, especially if you are on the go. It can fit into any pocket, briefcase or purse for easy access.

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