Tech Tips for Security Maintenance for New Devices

Tech Tips for Security MaintenanceHave you gotten a new PC, cell phone or tech device this holiday season? Here are 5 tech tips for security maintenance to ensure protection for new devices, keeping them fast and durable no matter the digital adventures you decide to take them on in the New Year.

5 Tech Tips for Security Maintenance

As you may know, during this time of year there is a general increase in security breaches and other dangers. So, if you have received a new device for the holiday, use this guide diligently.

  1. Don’t let the battery dry out.

While this might not be a primary concern when you first purchase a new device (since the battery as well new) it is important to keep in mind throughout its lifespan. Take for example, after an average 300-500 cycles of charging your smartphone, there is a chance that the device won’t be able to hold as much electricity and in turn the battery life will last a shorter period of time every charge thereafter. Many manufactures recommend keeping your phone charged at 50%. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Just like your Christmas tree, you never want the base to be left with 0% water, but neither do you want to 100% full, right? Otherwise, you might have a sick tree on your hands.

  1. Trim unwanted applications from your desktop or home screen.

During the winter, many people trim the branches around their homes to protect themselves from hazards storms. So, when you get your new device, and if you transfer old data, including apps or documents, take a moment to revise that data and trim anything that is unneeded or unwanted. Make sure you scan what is remaining to protect yourself from a storm that might have been brewing even before you moved or settled into your new device.

  1. Don’t be afraid to change the locks.

It’s always recommended to lock your device, and to consistently change passwords as it is one of the tech tips for security maintenance for new devices. When you get your new device, try to set up a code, or even better, a password that uses both numbers and letters. Using fingerprint readers on computers, phones and tablets are extremely useful, but when a device has a lot of sensitive data and access to services, it is NOT a good idea to use this feature. Why? You simply can’t change your fingerprint. And if you use something that is unchangeable for a password, you simply cannot change your password in the future.

  1. Block out burglars.

The holiday season is a prime time for burglaries, especially when valuables are in plain sight. To protect your data from digital burglars, there are several things you can do.

  • Begin by securing your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Use a VPN, a virtual private network on your PC.
  • Use an additional Firewall.
  • Encrypt your data, even on USBs and SIM cards. Use applications such as Signal or WhatsApp that offer encryption as a feature as part of their services.
  • Check and configure app privacy settings, and enable remote location and device wiping.
  • And much more depending what kind of device you are using.
  1. Update your insurance policies.

This is probably the most important to establish when it comes to tech tips for security maintenance. It only takes a few steps and is as easy as a,b,c.

When you purchase something, you try to have the top of the line protection plans and security, right? Using monthly subscription services, along with dual protection such as Hitman Pro and Avira antivirus can be the true key to maintaining the quality and life of your PC or other tech device.

These tech tips for security maintenance in cohorts make for a great protection for your new devices – whether they are a gift, upgrade or simple a necessity.

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