Crash Course: How to Recover Data from Corrupt or Crashed Hard Drive

Computers have revolutionized our way of life. From housing beloved pictures and essential documents to relying on computers to carry out our work, travel, studies, and so much more. But what happens when our computers suffer from a crashed or corrupt hard drive? Many factors could cause severe damage to your hard drive and possibly destroy your files. We know the devastation this can cause and have put together a crash course for you in case you ever experience a crashed hard drive:

What causes a hard drive to crash?

Many factors could contribute to a crashed hard drive:

  • Corrupted files
  • Virus attack
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power surges
  • Overheating
  • Water damage
  • Human error

What should I do if my hard drive crashes?

The safest way of recovering your data is to reach out to a professional as soon as you can. A crashed hard drive is not something you want to DIY (do it yourself). Trying to recover your data on your own without training could prove devastating if you make a mistake that cannot be corrected. Using remote support is best when you have not yet started to recover files, as sometimes the attempt to save files can make matters worse. So, before you do anything to your hard drive, stop using the computer, and call a professional. Our experts are always standing by and ready to assist you with a crashed hard drive. And the best part is, Geeks on Site can help you remotely!

Is hiring a professional technician worth the cost?

The cost of hiring a professional can vary depending on the nature of the problem but ultimately, yes! When you consider the time, you need to invest in learning how to properly save your hard drive and the risk of making a mistake and losing crucial information, it usually ends up being much more expensive when you do not hire an expert. Our dedicated team of technicians is highly experienced in recovering data and know various avenues to save and protect your data. This kind of expertise is invaluable when it comes to recovering your data. Here at Geeks on Site, we not only offer reliable and professional service, but we also offer it at an affordable price, and ultimately, we are the best choice there is when it comes to recovering data.

What can I do to prevent this from happening in the future?

Although there are many things you can do to protect your hard drive, such as investing in malware and protecting your device from spills and falls, there are many factors out of your control, such as power surges or mechanical failure. The best thing you can do to prevent losing personal files in the future is to save a backup of your files on the cloud. Cloud backups are essential to ensuring your information is safe. When properly set up, cloud storage offers consistent, reliable, and automatic backup of any number of files. Geeks on Site has partnered with Carbonite to provide secure data centers for cloud storage, eliminating human intervention and protecting your data with secure advanced encryption.

When it comes to recovering your data, calling the experts at Geeks on Site is the best choice. We have assisted countless customers in similar situations and have the know-how to recover your files and protect them moving forward with our cloud backup services. Contact Geeks on Site today to see how we can keep your files safe.

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