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Category : Computer Security

How Do You Really Know Your Devices and Data are Secure?

Many of us have numerous devices we work and play with every day that brim with information about ourselves, our purchases, our preferences, our finances, and our businesses. The need for all of them to be secure from hacks is both real and vitally important. Security is especially important if all – or even a…
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Tech Tips for Security Maintenance for New Devices

Have you gotten a new PC, cell phone or tech device this holiday season? Here are 5 tech tips for security maintenance to ensure protection for new devices, keeping them fast and durable no matter the digital adventures you decide to take them on in the New Year. 5 Tech Tips for Security Maintenance  As you…
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3 Computer Fundamentals for Beginners to Avoid Mistakes

Your mother probably once told you “practice makes perfect.” Which is true; everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to your PC accidents can happen, but simple errors could cause your computer serious damage. Keep in mind that with time, and practice, you can avoid these 3 common computer mistakes. Computer Mistake #1: Surplus of Computer…
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6 Things Every User ShoulComputer d Learn

Sometimes it can be tough maneuvering around the system and mechanics of a computer. No matter how difficult, we all have our own niche, whether it be Microsoft Office, Emails or Social Media.  We all have computer related strengths and weaknesses.  We’ve come up with 6 things that every computer should learn about.   1.…
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Protect Your PC From Viruses

Regular PC maintenance is essential to ensure that your home or business PC is operating efficiently and securely. This is especially true in today’s digital environment where malware and countless computer viruses lurk around every corner of the internet. Failure to keep a system up to date can leave it vulnerable. And that vulnerability can…
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Tips to Keep Your Computer Secure

You probably use your computer for many different functions - word processing, gaming, or social networking. Nowadays, a majority of your computing needs involve the internet, and while “The Web” contains millions of sites to choose from, many come with debilitating viruses. If your computer is not secured, these viruses could cripple or even wipe…
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