Are you doubtful about Windows 10? Here are our Windows 10 benefits

Windows 10 BenefitsHave been you wondered if Windows 10 benefits your PC and digital life? We’ve come up with a few benefits that everyone in the family could gain something from.

We all know that change can be a bit scary, and it’s completely natural. When it comes to technology advances that we need to adapt to, (as one might say) if there is a will there is a way.

Despite the fear of jumping into something new, modern technology advances have enhanced many peoples lives. Take for example, the Internet, we can find information about everything that comes to our mind, in a matter of seconds. With cell phones, we can get in touch with a loved one no matter their location. With video calling, we can even see that person’s face and talk to them like if they were right there in front of us. It’s absolutely amazing what you can do nowadays, but of course, it wasn’t easy to undergo the change initially. Then again, you would never know if you don’t try.

That’s why, we want to be your Windows 10 guide and share with you a list of Windows 10 benefits, and remind you, you’re never alone.

Trying the new Windows 10 means everyone in the family has access to have the following  Windows 10 benefits:

  • Less Storage Used: Microsoft compresses Windows 10 system files to make sure the performance is excellent. And at the same time, it ensures that storage space is not wasted. This is an awesome Windows 10 benefit for a faster computer.
  • Better System Restore: With Windows 10, if you think you may have lost your files, this improved system restore feature is going to restore your system files to the previous state before any problem occurred.
  • Unified Across Devices: Simply putting it, you can access your work and personal information from any Windows device you have, whether it’s a tablet, phone or your home PC. Also, Xbox One has an update so you and your kids can stream games to your Windows PC.
  • Cortana Virtual Assistant: Much like Apple’s Siri, you can ask Cortana to search the web, files, and apps, to get directions, check the weather, and so much more with just the sound of your voice.
  • Windows Ink: You won’t have to use paper anymore or worry about your multiple agendas or notepads you keep forgetting at the office or leaving it at home. Instead, you can write reminders on this new virtual whiteboard, add sticky notes, draw something fun for the kids, or just use it as a sketchpad, and always have this information just a click away.
  • Windows Hello: And finally, the Windows 10 benefit we believe is the most useful. With just the touch of your finger or a look, your computer or phone will lock up, and unlock. Isn’t awesome? Your brain and fingers will rest from all of those different, long passwords.

See how many benefits Windows 10 has for you? Features that will help you save time, effort and money. There’s no reason to be scared! If you have additional questions, please contact us 24/7!

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