Tricky Tech Gifts?

What kind of great tech gifts did you get this past holiday season? Need help installing that great new printer or learning how to maximize the speed and functionality of your new computer or laptop? Want to make sure your home or office network is communicating with all of your new devices? If you could use a little tech assistance, we’ve got just what you need! Here, at Geeks on Site, we provide on-demand computer training for customers who want to learn more about how to address and fix common computer problems.

Many people have searched online for information on how to install a computer or how to fix different software or hardware issues. At Geeks on Site, we help people to better understand the basics of fixing their own computer. Our team is dedicated to teaching others what we know about technology.

Geeks on Site has been in the industry for 15 years, providing excellent service to clients all over the country. We have worked with different individuals and businesses, fixing and solving a wide array of problems.

Training Plus Service

Our computer training service program will help you identify the cause of your device failures and how to fix them. The Training Plus Service is created for those individuals who want to know more about the following:

  • Windows updates and latest versions
  • Learning and working with the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Email optimization for more efficient communication
  • Setting up an interactive calendar for meetings or events
  • Social media management (set up and maintenance)
  • Other useful solutions to organize workflow

The Geeks on Site team is ready to provide you with a 2-hour intense training in organizing your time using devices and software. You will learn everything from paying your bills online to setting up your computer and fixing any software glitches.

Geek on Site Packages

From Remote to On-Site Services, the Geeks on Site team will assist you with fixing your computer. Depending on the services that you need, you can engage our team for tune ups to big projects for your home or business.

With our Remote Services feature, we can connect to your computer online, using remote access, regardless of your location. You can either select a Flat Fee Tune Up or register for a membership to ensure that you will receive all the support needed at any time. Services include updates and virus protection, clean up, hard drive optimization and much more.

With the On-Site Services option, our team can be dispatched to your location, both home and office. Our experts will provide support for any computer issue. Don’t worry, their knowledge and expertise are based on many years in this industry, with numerous certifications obtained over the past 15 years.

Give a Geek

Everyone uses a computer nowadays, but few know how to fix it when it’s needed. This is why the best gift for a computer user is a service package including either remote or on-site support. Our online shop contains a variety of products and services, from desktop, laptops and printers to on-site and remote support, cloud back-up storage, computer software and antivirus protection.

Our services include:

  • A four-hour on-site service package
  • Flat Fee for unlimited remote service for cleanup, updates, virus protection and many other services, for a one-time fee
  • On-Site hourly service – a knowledgeable technician will be dispatched to your office or home, offering support for any computer issues

In addition, we offer antivirus protection, Microsoft Office, cloud services and even computers and printers through the Geeks on Site Shop so we can ensure you have everything you need to be successful. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the right path before you know it!

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