Top Trends in Tech: 2021 Edition

As we prepare to leave a challenging 2020 behind, some of the top trends for tech in 2021 are focused on how we can make our homes smarter and more fun. Given the time we are still spending at home as we start the new year and beyond, that makes perfect sense.

Here are some of the best ideas to make your time at home safer and more enjoyable.

  • Smart Surveillance
    The next generation of home security is home surveillance. Think beyond smart locks and typical cameras to an entire CCTV camera system that is installed throughout the exterior of your home and uses facial recognition, detects movement, texts you notifications, and contacts authorities in emergencies.
  • Smart Bathrooms
    New ways to achieve the ultimate in peace and relaxation in your bathrooms bring spa-like amenities to you even before you are there. Bathroom automation systems include an automated air freshener, ventilation, self-flushing, and smart bath and shower controls. Your smart bathroom can be made more “green” by including automation to track your water usage so you can change your habits to make a difference for the planet.
  • Smart Kitchen
    Because your kitchen is probably the place where the family gathers the most, applying top quality automation features will be a popular home upgrade. Start with a smart refrigerator that tracks what you have in it and what you likely need based on past grocery runs. It can also give you nutrition information about your grocery items and recipes, along with the caloric values of each. Further automate your kitchen with remote control of appliances, air temperature, and lighting.
  • TV as the Centerpiece of Your New In-Home Theater
    With all the time we have spent in front of our TVs in 2020, it’s not surprising that a top trend in 2021 is to take this experience to a new level. Smart TVs have never been smarter, so this is the best time to turn yours into the centerpiece of your new home theater. Add in the other music, gaming, and comfort features and 2021 is looking better already.
  • Smart TV + Automation = Your TV as Your Internet of Things (IoT)
    Your TV’s future is here. It becomes the highly efficient and enhanced hub controlling all of your home entertainment, security, and appliances by connecting with them via artificial intelligence (AI) programs. Your now super smart TV also uses AI to enhance the visual and audio experience it provides so it is more theater-like and can be voice-controlled.
  • Video Game Streaming
    Video gaming has now become a spectator sport as many like to stream the games from platforms like Twitch, where they can comment to others on players’ activities. Industry research shows that this is the number one video game trend for 2021 as Twitch receives more than two billion live-stream viewers per hour.
  • Enhanced Video Game Hardware
    New technology has driven the creation of highly complex and engaging video games requiring more powerful hardware to run properly. The development of new consoles and PCs that support these new games has reached the market and not only support the at-home gaming experience, but also the mobile gaming 2021 trend as well.

Professional Installation of Your New 2021 Technology

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