It’s Time to Update Windows XP and Office 2003

You may be one of the type who still uses Windows XP or Office 2003 on your home or business computer. And it is not because you are stuck in the past or anything like that. You have simply become so familiar with the operating system that you are okay with your current setup, despite the fact that Windows has released three subsequent OS since XP’s release in 2001.

However, Microsoft, in an effort to remain up to date, is moving with the times. The company announced that starting next April, it plans to discontinue its Support Life Cycle Policy for Windows XP and Office 2003. As a result, anyone using either will no longer receive security updates, non-security hot fixes, assisted support options (either free or paid) or online technical content updates.

If you run XP or Office 2003 after April of next year, you could put yourself at risk for picking up a harmful virus or spyware. Whether you are a purist or comfortable with your older software, it is time to upgrade for security and technological reasons, especially if you run a business. Geeks on Site can help you update your machine’s software before Microsoft’s policy takes effect.

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