IOT: What Is It Really?

Whenever a new technology-related acronym appears, it’s easy for anyone not in the industry to feel confused about its meaning. Such is the case with IoT, which actually refers to how the devices we use routinely can work together and be controlled remotely via one device. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interconnected devices, mechanical and digital machines or objects that are provided with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

One important example of how people use IoT is a smart home – one that syncs your devices with your computer and smartphone so that you can work any or all of them inside your house or remotely using one device. Geeks on Site technicians are experts in creating your own IoT at home, allowing you to easily work the devices most important to you with the touch of a button or screen. We can install, set up, and support all of your IoT, including:

· Smart Doorbell – A smart doorbell allows you to know who is at your front, back or side doors at all times – even when you aren’t at home. Plus, you can speak with whoever is there. Geeks on Site is able to install your smart doorbell and connect it to your existing Wi-Fi network.

· Smart Security Cameras – See what your home security cameras see whenever you want; Geeks on Site will hook up your system quickly and professionally. For wired systems, our trained technicians will install your cameras and DVRs, plus make sure that your wires are concealed and that you are completely connected to your existing network. For wireless systems, our professionals use the mounts you have chosen to place your cameras on walls or ceilings. Then we properly connect the cameras to your existing network.

· Smart TV – Geeks on Site will install your Smart TV, make certain that it connects properly to your existing Wi-Fi network and IoT, and guide you through the set-up process.

· Smart Hub and Speakers – Geeks on Site works with you to make sure that your Smart Hub and Speakers sync seamlessly with your Wi-Fi network and IoT system. We help you install the corresponding app and when needed and make certain that the set-up of your user account is perfect.

Geeks on Site Supports Your IoT at Home

At Geeks on Site, our experienced team of Geeks is standing by to help you make sure the IoT at your home is connected properly and working as it should be. We understand that you depend on this to keep your home and your family secure. Contact Geeks on Site today to discuss your IoT set up!

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