Important Tech Terms!

Do you ever find yourself confused when you hear terms like UI and UX? Or maybe you’re all about downloading the “latest apps”, but you’re not totally sure what “app” actually means. It’s time to start learning some of today’s most important tech vocabulary. Here are the definitions of 10 tech terms that you hear on the daily:

The Internet vs. the Web
-Internet, is millions of computers interconnected in a global network, these can talk to each other to send and receive data around the world in the instance of a second.
-Web is the system where some of that data is kept in the form of special documents. These documents are linked together and more commonly known as web pages.

The internet is the equipment and connections, and the web is the information.

-HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language used to write web pages. It’s made up of “elements” (paragraphs, headers, lists, links, and the like), which give each web page structure and enclose the content of the page itself (text, images, videos, and so on).
-CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) gives the format and style to a HTML document. Using CSS, you can give a web page its own font, text styles, colors, multiple backgrounds, 3D transformations, and awesome animations.

HTML holds the content in place, and CSS makes it look pretty.

Front End vs. Back End
-The front end of a website is the part that you can see, which includes HTML, CSS and all the other things you look at in your browser.
-The back end of a website is the part that makes it work. It includes applications, servers, and databases.

App vs. Software
-Application, or app, is a program that you can use to do certain things on your cellphone or tablet. -Software is the general term for any instructions for your computer, tablet, or phone.

All apps are software, but not all software is an app.

UX vs. UI
-UI (User Interface) is how a product or website is laid out and how you interact with it: Where the buttons are, how big the fonts are, and how menus are organized are all elements of UI
-UX (User Experience) is how you feel about using a product or a website.

Now that you’re clear on some of the most used-and-abused tech terms, get out there and prove that you know what’s going on in tech today. Call us for more information.

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