5 Ideas on How to Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Security Cameras

Want to make sure your home is secure whether you’re at home or away? Of course, you do! With all the technology we have access to today, it makes sense to add smart security cameras that allow easy access to a live stream and recordings of all the footage your cameras gather. Whether you’re worried about seeing who’s at the door or that packages are safe on your front porch, having smart security cameras set up in and around your property can bring peace of mind.

Geeks on Site’s experts share five ideas on how to keep your home safe with smart security cameras.

  1. Doorbell cameras tell you when packages arrive and who’s at the door. The peace of mind that doorbell cameras have brought homeowners over the last few years is hard to put into words. For most families, this is the first step in setting up smart security cameras in the home. With an increase in online shopping, packages are delivered regularly and now it’s easy to keep an eye on them through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. If someone unexpectedly approaches your front door, you can speak to the person without revealing that you’re not home. When kids arrive at an empty house after school or you let them stay home while you run to the store, this added layer of protection at your front door is comforting.
  2. Install cameras inside and outside of your garage. Often the most ignored area when installing home security cameras, the garage is your entry point so it needs security cameras just as much as your front door. Consider installing smart security cameras inside and outside of your garage to deter a thief and monitor your family’s comings and goings. Setting up cameras with motion detectors means you’re alerted on your smartphone if there’s any movement inside your garage.
  3. Monitor your backyard. If you have a backyard or patio, consider pointing an additional camera to capture a 120- to 180-degree view of your backyard. Because of angles or obstructions to the view like trees, you may need to add additional cameras to be able to see your whole yard or patio. A backyard view allows you to monitor children and pets around pools and play areas. Combined with motion detection and flood light features, a rear-facing security camera can detect movement before anyone approaches your back door.
  4. Watch children, elderly family members, and pets. Homeowners often opt for indoor security cameras to keep an eye on nannies, children, teens, elderly parents, and pets. Installing a camera in a nursery, indoor play area, and the common areas your pet or child frequent will help prevent harm and keep your family informed in case of an emergency. Smart security cameras with two-way audio functions work best to communicate with others in the home in real-time while you’re away or in another room. It also allows you to provide voice commands to an automated assistant when needed without being home.
  5. Protect your privacy by adding two-factor authentication and encryption. The biggest concern with smart home security cameras is privacy. If you’re worried that hackers can gain access to your home’s security camera system with a username and password, set up two-factor authentication. When using a Wi-Fi-enabled system, two-factor authentication in the form of face recognition, fingerprint, or passcode gives you an extra layer of protection. Set your Wi-Fi to WPA2 or WPA3 encryptions and keep the Wi-Fi connection to your security system separate by setting up a designated guest Wi-Fi connection for visitors. Keep your system software updated, change your password regularly, and don’t share the password with anyone.

You want to ensure your home is secure whether you’re at home, at the office, or on vacation. Properly installed security cameras in and around your home can give you endless peace of mind. Geeks on Site is an authorized Ring™ partner – we can help you choose the right components for your smart security cameras and install them for you. Geeks on Site’s expert team can also train you on how to use your new cameras. Call Geeks on Site at 1-888-799-4335 to schedule your smart security camera installation today!