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Tech friendly and courteous, fixed my problem fast and showed me how to copy music to my phone. Very satisfied.

October 5, 2022

Mr. Bob Norman, is without a doubt the most knowledgeable technician and a pleasure to have in my home. He has made my old PC to come to life once again. Thanks again for the 3 plus hours you spent doing the repair, I will certainly call you again.

, Saint Cloud Florida, FLORIDA
October 3, 2022

Mr. M B was prompt, efficient, funny, understanding of my ignorance in getting my new CPU up and running! Great representor for your business! I will certainly be recommending to any and all who need help with their computers here at my Senior Highrise building, 160+ apts!

, South St Paul, MN
September 16, 2022

Excellent work. Service man Mr. Skinner was helpful and very pleasant.

, Farmington, MICHIGAN
August 26, 2022

Delmar, our tech was VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about our situation and got our DVD player hooked up and playing. We don't have the correct speakers so we need to get him back once we get the proper system. He explained everything to us and was patient when I wanted to see if I could follow his directions. He was in and out in no time, that's because he knew what he was doing. We are glad we found them!

August 3, 2022

We are very happy with the service we receive from Geeks On Site. We are "elderly" and electronically challenged so we depend on them to keep us out of trouble. We recently ordered a computer, printer and TV from them which they delivered and installed. This was a tremendous help and much appreciated.

, Katy, TX
August 2, 2022

Our small medical practice office came to a halt when combo printer/scanner/fax screeched and stopped. Geeks On Site technician was able to come to the office the next day, and we were back in operation within in hour. Technician was professional and efficient; overall a very positive ending to what could have been a dire situation. Many, many thanks!

, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
July 25, 2022

Another life saving day, thanks to the team work at Geeksonsite! These guys and girls are like family! I've been with these guys for 10 yrs. and I won't be without them! Always mannerly and assuring, that problems will be handled and resolved! Only once did it take more then desired time to resolve the problem, but to their defense, it was very complicated! I will never be without them as long as I own a computer! They are the BEST!

, Villas, NEW JERSEY
July 18, 2022

Frank, our tech was EXCELLENT and solved our problem in a timely manner. As we are not tech experts, he thoroughly explain the issues and made the necessary repairs and cleaned up our computer. I highly recommend Frank Elwin and Geeks On Site!

, Boynton Beach, FLORIDA
July 5, 2022

Noell, the tech arrived in a timely fashion and was very professional and friendly. after explaining to him what my issues were, he immediately went to work. we solved the problem quickly and made suer all was in working order. Thank you for your service, and a special thanks to Noell Morris, he was terrific!

, East Englewood, FL
June 15, 2022