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What Makes a Smart Home Smart? Increase Your Home Automation IQ

Home automation is the on-demand control of various electronic devices throughout your home. With the right equipment, any home can be set up as a smart home. In addition to added convenience, there are several benefits to introducing new smart home features to your home, including energy conservation, safety, and cost-efficiency. Here are some devices…
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Brush Up on Computer Basics With the Geeks

Knowing how to fix your computer can save you quite a bit of money and time, that is, however, if your knowledge is up to date and you know what you’re doing. Technology advances faster than most can keep up with, making it imperative to brush up on your computer knowledge from time to time.…
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Setting Up Your Business’s Wi-Fi Network

Setting up a free guest Wi-Fi network can vastly improve your customers’ experience when they visit your business without sacrificing the security of your internal network. A guest network offers your visitors entertainment and convenience. However, how do you ensure the security of your internal network? Here are some considerations and tips to review before…
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Designing the Perfect Home Wi-Fi Network

So, you have decided to set up a home Wi-Fi network, great idea! However, are you making the most out of your space and equipment? The right home Wi-Fi network setup can bring your household convenience, productivity, and fun. From getting the right equipment to making the right security choices, designing the perfect in-home wireless…
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Common Computer Viruses & What They Can & Can’t Do

Most users know when their computer is performing poorly but we are not always sure if this problem is being caused by a computer virus. Computer viruses are a type of malware that comprises malicious computer codes designed to damage devices and potentially steal their information. Created to replicate again and again, computer viruses change…
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How to Save Money on Computer Repairs

One of the best ways to save time and money on computer repairs is to have a plan to reduce the likelihood of needing to replace your computer as a result of needing extensive repairs. This minimizes the impact on your wallet and use disruption if a replacement becomes necessary. Taking preventive measures starts with…
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