Smart Security Cameras

Each year, over 2 million homes are burglarized and 51% of burglarized homes are broken into more than once. A professionally installed smart home security camera system helps keep your family informed of impending dangers and alerts of unwanted intruders. Fully integrated with your home automation system, smart home security systems provide the convenience of 24/7 protection accessible through an app or website from anywhere. They can also easily work with your smart home lighting system for added security.

In addition to the peace of mind you get from quickly being alerted and getting help when trouble arises, having a smart home security camera system properly installed may help lower your homeowner’s insurance rates. Many insurance companies provide a discount on your homeowner’s policy for having a professionally installed security system. At the heart of every quality home security system are fully functioning and properly installed security cameras. 

Purchase a Smart Camera Bundle with Free Installation

Geeks on Site Smart Home Wireless Camera Setup

If you’ve already purchased the cameras you want and you just need someone to install them, Geeks on Site offers a Wireless Camera Setup service for $125 for up to 3 cameras.

For an assessment fee of only $49, you can have a Geeks on Site technician over to help you decide what equipment you need to purchase.

How Does a Geeks on Site Smart Home Security Camera Installation Work?

Our Geeks on Site professional team of trained technicians will come to your home and install your security cameras for you. We will connect the cameras to your Wi-Fi network and sync them to your new or existing smart home system. Our comprehensive installation service includes a host of support options to maximize your safety and ensure you fully understand how to optimize the features of your security system.

The Geeks on Site Smart Home Security Camera installation includes:

  • We help you identify the camera locations that will work best for your needs.
  • We work with you to assess potential blind spots in and around your home that may impede your system from alerting you.
  • We install your cameras on walls, ceilings, or anywhere else you desire.
  • We connect your cameras to your Wi-Fi network and make sure it syncs properly throughout your home.
  • We make certain that your smart home mobile app is installed and set up to include your security cameras.
  • We run a complete check of the operation of your security cameras.
  • We show you how to use your new system, explaining all the most frequently used features.

Why Choose Geeks on Site for Your Smart Home Wireless Camera Setup?

  • Our knowledgeable technicians use state-of-the-art tools to install your security cameras.
  • We offer a 7-day warranty on our service to ensure you are happy with your security camera installation.
  • Geeks on Site has a long history of providing quality IT support services to homes and businesses nationwide.
  • We have provided customers with extensive knowledge about their smart home security cameras for years and we can help you install yours quickly and professionally.
  • All Geeks on Site techs have been thoroughly background checked for your safety and peace of mind.

An estimated 75% of homeowners in the US don’t have a security system. Your safety is important. Protect your home and your family today with smart security cameras throughout your home.

Call Geeks on Site at 252.0617 to schedule your security camera installation.