How to Back Up Computer?

We rely so heavily on the content stored on our computers, smartphones, and tablets; it is shocking to think of how many of us do not back up our data. Backup data is essentially creating a mirrored version of the content within your device and storing it elsewhere for safekeeping. Creating a copy of a document and storing it on the same device is not the same as backing up. A copy of your data should be transferred outside of its current device, not copied and stored locally. By saving your documents outside of the original device, you ensure that in the event of theft or damage, your documents are still accessible.

We are fortunate enough to have access to many options when it comes to backing up our devices. In the early 2000s and late 1990s, zip drives were the easiest and most popular way to back up data. Each time we wanted to create a backup of the data on our computer, we would insert a USB device and save everything to this device. The files on our machine were compressed and stored for safe keeping.

Nowadays, the average computer owner will purchase a large external hard drive that they attach to their computer and set an automatic backup to run manually or on a fixed schedule such as daily or weekly. External hard drives often create a replica of the file name, structure, and location of your personal computer onto the external hard drive. They can create multiple backups or be set to override the previous.

Cloud-based backup systems are considered the most convenient method for backing up files by many users. The data is stored "in the cloud" and runs in the background, taking new data from your device and storing it on an outside server.

In most cases, software is already included within the external device and will be triggered once you plug it into your computer. For cloud storage, simply create an account on the website of the company whose service you wish to use and set up your preferences. Cloud storage will cost a monthly fee but it is often minimal.

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