How long do MacBook repairs usually take?

When your MacBook needs repairs, your first move might be to walk into your nearest Apple store to speak to a technician. However, as you may know, many Apple stores (especially in larger cities) require you to make an appointment. Once you have secured an appointment to discuss repairs, the expected average turnaround time for repairs is two days to two weeks. Where your repair falls on the timeline is largely based on the type of repair needed, and the availability of parts to complete repairs. In some cases, repairs can take up to a month depending on the model of your MacBook and damage incurred. More complex situations may require you to mail your device to an Apple Repair Center, which can tack on additional turnaround days for shipping.

You have other options, such as Geeks on Site. We understand it can be very frustrating when your MacBook needs repairs especially if it’s your primary device for work or school. When you’re faced with needing repairs, the timeline is important but before any repairs can be done a proper assessment of your MacBook needs to be completed by a professional. Once the problem has been properly identified, replacement parts may need to be ordered if not already available.

Your chosen repair person must have experience in MacBook repairs. MacBooks are integrated systems assembled with security fixtures that include gluing and soldering components in place. This contributes to the intricacy and time necessary for repair.

Geeks on Site provides reliable and honest repair services for MacBooks. Contact us 24/7 to discuss timely and affordable repair options for your MacBook.

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