How do you set up a home theater system?

When it’s time to set up your home theater system, be prepared for a multi-step process that will call for a few decisions to be made by you. The goal of the installation is to successfully connect all of your system’s audio and visual components to the sources that provide their content. If this isn’t done properly, the investment you have made in all of your home theater’s components will be in vain as the system may not work as expected.

Most home theater setups include the following components, and will require some other tools and parts.
• Smart TV
• Internet connection (usually via a WiFi network)
• AV Surround Sound Receiver
• Speakers
• Subwoofer (for 5.1 surround sound)
• Blu-ray or DVD player
• Media streamer (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.)
• Connection cables
• Speaker wire and wire stripper

All of the video and audio components work through the AV Surround Sound Receiver so this will need to be switched on for the system to work properly. Connect the receiver to your Smart TV after your TV has been connected to your Wi-Fi network.

To connect your Blu-ray or DVD Player, you may use HDMI connections on your receiver which will receive audio and visual signals from those devices – attach the HDMI output from the player to the receiver and from the receiver to the TV. If your receiver has HDMI pass-through, you will likely need to make additional analog or digital audio (optical or coaxial) connections between the player and the receiver.

Next, make sure that your media streamer is connected to the Internet. Then connect it to your TV (or to your receiver if you choose) via the HDMI connection outlet.

After this, put your speakers and subwoofer in place (not up against any walls) and connect your speakers to your receiver. Make sure that they are connected to the correct channels and have a proper connection to the polarity (positive and negative/red and black). Finally, connect your subwoofer's line output to the receiver.

Do all these connections sound confusing? You’re not alone. Over the years, hundreds of people have trusted the professional technicians at Geeks on Site to set up and maintain their home theaters to make sure this is done quickly, correctly, and hassle-free.

The Geeks on Site home theater set up cost starts at the low price of $139. Our installation service includes:
• Installation, connection, and configuration of the TV (Geeks on Site does not offer TV wall mounting services)
• Installation, connection, and configuration of the audio system
• Installation, connection, and configuration of the surround sound speakers (i.e., wired, wireless, floor, bookshelf, etc.)
• Configuration of devices to existing Wi-Fi network
• Installation, connection, and configuration of DVD or Blu-ray players
• Demonstration and training of the home theater components

Contact Geeks on Site today to schedule your home theater set up. With technicians available across the country, Geeks on Site is standing by to help you.

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