How do security cameras work?

Home security cameras are the key to having a comprehensive and effective home security system. With this goal in mind, it is important to purchase quality cameras that deliver clear images. These cameras are then mounted in strategic locations that overlook critical areas around your home and the rest of your property to monitor activity.

The cameras connect to your alarm system and smart home system via Wi-Fi and provide an app for your phone that allows you to see what they see from wherever you are in the world. When installed and maintained properly, security cameras serve three important functions as part of your home security system:

  • Provide constant surveillance so that you can see anything that is happening within their range 24/7/365.
  • Provide a video record of the activity happening within their range.
  • Provide a trigger for your alarm system to advise you and the police of any unusual activity on your property.

Geeks on Site’s team of experienced techs can professionally install all of your security cameras. Once you have selected the cameras and mounts that work best for you and your home, Geeks on Site’s technicians will quickly and professionally install the equipment.

Our security cameras services include:

  • Helping you determine the best places to install the cameras based on what you want to monitor.
  • Installing your cameras on walls, ceilings, or anywhere else you have a need for surveillance.
  • Connecting your security cameras to your Wi-Fi network and making sure they sync properly.
  • Ensuring that your smart home’s mobile app is installed and set up to include your security cameras.
  • Thoroughly checking your security cameras are working properly.
  • Training you on how to use your new system.

Geeks on Site has been providing quality IT support services to homes nationwide and our technicians are experienced in how security cameras should be installed so they can work as expected. Call Geeks on Site today to discuss your home’s security camera system.

If you need help getting started and need a recommendation for what systems work best for your needs, feel free to contact us for help.

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