How do motion detectors work?

Motion detectors, or sensors, are an important part of your home security system. They register movement in your home and alert you to possible problems. Placed strategically around doors, windows, and other possible points of entry to your home, motion detectors use multiple technologies to transmit information about the movement they detect to your home security system’s monitoring center. Your monitoring center then alerts you to the activity happening in your home.

Used in tandem with your home security system’s cameras, motion detectors can also work with your smart home features to save energy by turning lights on or off, for example, or work with your thermostat to adjust the temperature throughout rooms.

Like any other part of your home security system, motion detectors only work when they are placed where you need them and are properly maintained. Often, that placement occurs when you have your security cameras professionally installed.

The experienced techs at Geeks on Site are available to make recommendations about where motion detectors should be installed as well as professionally install the motion detectors. Our techs will also work with you to make sure the motion detectors are syncing with your security system and showing up in your mobile app if you have one.

Our team of techs is the perfect choice for installing your motion detectors as part of your security system because they have all of the necessary tools to properly install these. Our installation service also comes with a 7-day warranty for that added peace of mind. We have been the go-to installer of security systems for homes and businesses nationwide for years. Contact Geeks on Site today to discuss adding motion detectors to your security system.

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