How Do I Block Pop-Ups on Chrome?

Although Google Chrome has a built-in pop-up blocker, you may still have a few annoying pop-ups that sneak past.  Here’s how to make them stop, step-by-step.

Step by Step How to Block Pop-Ups

  1. Make sure that the Google Chrome default to block pop-ups is working by checking that the “block pop-ups” feature is activated in your browser’s settings.
  2. If this feature is working but you still get pop-ups, you will need to install an ad-blocking extension within Chrome to make them stop. This can be found in the browser’s built-in extension library as well as in the Settings menu.
  3. Check your computer for any type of malware infection. Scan and clean it first before the installation of anything new.
  4. Open Google Chrome on any desktop computer system that uses Windows or Mac OS.
  5. Click on the menu button that appears as three vertical dots in the upper right side of your screen.
  6. Tap Settings to open a new tab in the menu of Chrome Settings.
  7. Click on Advanced Settings.
  8. Find the Privacy and security settings within this screen and click on the Site Settings.
  9. Click on Pop-ups and redirects. Make sure the toggle is set to “Blocked (recommended).”

If you are still having trouble blocking pop-ups in Chrome, Geeks on Site is available to fix your computer today. Just give us a call at (888) 360-4335. Our techs are available to remotely connect to your computer anywhere in the US or we can schedule an on-site visit to your home or office.

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