Are viruses bad for computers?

While some computer viruses may not be designed to harm computers, all computer viruses are harmful to both the hardware and software of computers. This is because they are snippets of computer code created to run and replicate on lots of hardware and software combinations without having been tested for viability on them. The damage computer viruses cause computers and users can be extensive and expensive. There is no doubt that anyone who has been down that road has not forgotten the experience of having their computer infected with a virus.

Rarely do two viruses cause the same damage so generally speaking, computer viruses:

  • Slow computer functions
  • Crash computers
  • Cause computers to work only sometimes
  • Steal files, passwords, financial information, and other important content
  • Slow or stop Internet access
  • Damage or destroy hardware and software
  • Insert spyware
  • Reformat the computer’s hard drive

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