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Our computers hold the mysteries of our lives. They contain everything from our work materials to the photos of our children. Everyone has something to lose. This is your opportunity to do something about it; backup your data and protect your files today.

Computers can be stolen, destroyed, or just fail over time. Backblaze, a backup service, says that 50% of computer hard drives fail after 4 years. Image that, in 4 years you could lose all of your data in a spit second.

Computers are not invincible, and it is inevitable that one day the data just won’t be accessible to you anymore.

Where to Back Up

You can either backup your data using an external drive or online storage. External drives including Windows 7 Backup, Windows ´s 8 File History, OS X´s Time Machine, or even a flash drive or other physical devices are all great options to externally backup your computer.

Whereas backing-up information online through the internet, cloud computing, can provide backup security while keeping it safe from other disasters such as theft or even fire. Popular cloud services include Carbonite, SkyDrive, Google Drive or iCloud.

We highly recommend backing-up your information on the cloud and in addition, having an external drive for extra assurance. This way you have your data in case of an emergency, both on a physical piece of hardware as well as on an online connection anywhere and at any time.

What to Backup

Wondering what you should backup? The choice is ultimately yours. Protect that in which you might miss or need for future use. This could include e-mails, browsers, or drivers. By backing-up EVERYTHING on your computer, you have equipped yourself with quickest computer restore method and have the option to perform a disaster recovery if needed.
An easy way to get started is divide your files into directories that are most suitable to you.  Some of your files will need to be updated on a regular basis while others do not. Monitor your data and decide how and what should be backed up and how regularly.

Protect Backups

Anything could happen to your backups. It is easy to protect your backup information. Before you move your data to the Cloud or external device, take a moment to encrypt all your data. Then make sure to schedule regular backups and check to see if your backups are working.

It is crucial to take action and backup your data. Unfortunately, there is no one single way of protecting your data. Everyone has different types of data and needs. By contacting a local company with data backup services can help you out in devising a plan that can help save the important files on your computer.

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