6 Things Every User Should Learn

Sometimes it can be tough maneuvering around the system and mechanics of a computer. No matter how difficult, we all have our own niche, whether it be Microsoft Office, Emails or Social Media.  We all have computer related strengths and weaknesses.  We’ve come up with 6 things that every computer should learn about.


1. Virus and Spyware Protection

  • Password Security: Pick strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts.
  • Browser Security: Log out of your accounts when other people will use the computer. Understand the basics of phishing scams, malware and viruses.
  • Network Security: Update your Software. Prevent downloadable software to be installed automatically. Make sure your router has unique credentials.
  • Software Protect: Install an anti-virus. Install anti-spyware program. Use firewall protection. Read this article for additional information on how to protect yourself on the internet.

2. Fix the Wi-Fi Network.

Understand the hardware basics of your router and connectivity. With this you can reboot and test Wi-Fi. Make sure your wireless network is encrypted and if the Wi-Fi is running slow, work in central locations.

3. Take Out the Trash.

  • Uninstall unnecessary applications.
  • Keep your computer organized.
  • Delete old files, projects, photos and outdated data.

4. Share and Save Files, Big or Small.

Use Cloud Storage, or applications like Dropbox for easy, secure access.

5. Backup Your Computer Data.

Use Windows Backup, or Apple’s Time machine  or even Cloud Storage.

6. Take advantage of Shortcuts.

Computers can be difficult to use, even tedious. Use your time efficiently by using these easy shortcuts.

  • Ctrl + F: To find something
  • Ctrl + S: Instantly save a document
  • Ctrl + P: To print a document
  • Ctrl + T: Open a new browser tab

There are other things that every computer user should learn. Try to tackle these items one at a time. If you ever find yourself struggling, ask an expert   for help or guidance. Call Geeks on Site today to learn more. We provide remote and online computer maintenance support and on-site computer training!

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