3 Computer Fundamentals for Beginners to Avoid Mistakes

Your mother probably once told you “practice makes perfect.” Which is true; everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to your PC accidents can happen, but simple errors could cause your computer serious damage. Keep in mind that with time, and practice, you can avoid these 3 common computer mistakes.

Computer Mistake #1: Surplus of Computer Security Trust.

Lots of people install anti-virus and other security software; what they forget is that new viruses and malicious activities are developed every day.

A virus that slips through your firewall can cause hard drive failure, or asset invasion, which could lead to larger problems down the road. You might not know it, but once an original document is infected, it’s infected for ever. Evaluate your current computer security situation and take the following steps to avoid simple mistakes:

  • Update and run your software on a regular basis.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown or obviously corrupt pages, links, photos and so forth.
  • Avoid using a weak password, let alone the same password for a variety of accounts.

Computer Mistake #2: Failing to Optimize Your Computer’s Life

Your computer is a delicate investment. Sure, you can buy a new one for $500 but is that really necessary? No. Very small mistakes such as trying to do too much at once, using a power strip or even charging your computer at 5% battery levels can in the long run, shorten your computer’s lifespan. Don’t take your computer for granted, optimize it’s capacity.

  • Too much too fast.

When you turn on your computer, you might have the desire to launch a bunch of programs right away. This takes up valuable resources for your computer to function properly. Think about it this way, you probably need your morning coffee before you go to work, no? Let your computer boot up with sufficient time.

  • Using Power Strips.

Just in case you’ re unsure, a power strip is the plug you use to provide the room with more inputs than originally. But instead of using a power strip, you want to use a surge protector which can safeguard against voltage fluctuations which can actually destroy your computer equipment.

  • Charging Your Laptop at 5% Batter Levels.

Your computer is like your car. Sure, you can drive until the gas light comes on, but that really good for the car? No. If you are from anywhere cold, for example Wisconsin, you probably know that you should always have at least a half tank of gas. The same idea applies to your computer. You should have your computer charging or battery remaining at around 50 % most of its lifespan.


Computer Mistake #3: Backup Data.

If you lost every email, photo and document tomorrow, would you have the ability to recover that data? You might have said “Yes” but what about passwords, applications, settings and so forth? Your computer has layers of information and data that most of us couldn’t even imagine.

Many fail to regularly back up their data, if at all. With one click of a button everything could be lost. So, it is important to make it a habit to synchronize your data to an offline backup tool.

Don’t let your computer become sluggish, unstable or un-useful. Take action now an correct these simple computer mistake that nearly everyone makes once and a while. Need help monitoring risk management? Contact Geeks on Site today!

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