Having Trouble With Your Home Network? Try These Tips

In the age of work-at-home offices, multiple devices, and live streaming, having a reliable home network ranks high for in-home necessities. A slow network will prevent you from streaming your favorite movie, or will constantly drop your video call. However, these issues can be easy to remedy without calling your Internet Service Provider.

Here are common reasons why your home network might be going down and what you can do to fix it.

  • Check Your Cable Connections

    Service interruptions are caused when your modem is not communicating with your ISP as expected. If your Internet service is not interrupted due to billing or problems in your service area, your first step is to identify whether the trouble is with your router or your modem. To verify if your modem is getting any Internet signal at all, connect your laptop or device directly to the modem via an ethernet cable or ethernet adapter and check for service. If you are not getting service with an ethernet connection, make sure all wires connected to your modem, router, and ethernet are in good condition and securely attached to your devices. Wires can become accidentally detached or loosened by a jolt caused by being moved or even a playful pet. Adjust any loose cables and test your Internet connection again via ethernet and Wi-Fi. If you can connect successfully via ethernet but not Wi-Fi, it may be an issue with your router.

  • Reboot Your Equipment

    Each time you visit a website, a cache or memory is created. Too much information stored can bog down your network. To remedy a slow or troublesome network, power off all equipment, wait 60 seconds, and restart your modem, router, and computer in that order. Make sure your modem is completely powered up before connecting your router and computer. Rebooting your system clears your modem and router caches, and is a quick solution for most simple home network issues.

  • Update or Replace Your Router

    Issues related to connecting to your Wi-Fi despite having a strong Internet connection via ethernet are most commonly due to the router. Your router needs a clear path to send an Internet signal from your modem throughout your home. If it is obstructed or overheated, move your router to a clear area and at least 3 feet off the ground. Frequently check your router for firmware updates usually found via the app associated with your router model. Technology changes and upgrades happen constantly throughout the life of a wireless router. An old or outdated router will become inoperable. If your Wi-Fi connection frequently drops or runs slow, your router runs hot or no longer works, it’s time to consider upgrading to a newer router that will work for your home network.

  • Add a Wi-Fi Extender

    If you live in a larger home, have thick walls or multiple floors, these can impede your Wi-Fi signal creating dead zones where your signal is weak or almost non-existent. If you’re having trouble with your network in certain areas of your home, adding a Wi-Fi booster to your current setup can extend the range of your existing signal throughout the home including guest rooms, basements, garages, and patios.

  • Run Your System Troubleshooter

    Repeated network issues call for advanced troubleshooting. Your computer’s operating system is equipped with a built-in troubleshooter that helps identify and fix common network issues. If issues are found, the system will fix them or prompt you on what’s needed.

  • Verify Your IP Address

    Your router must receive a valid IP address to be connected to the Internet. You can do a quick Internet for “What is my IP address?”. An IP address that starts with a 169 means your IP address is invalid and this could be the cause of your issue.

A reliable home network connects you to all the wireless devices that add quality and safety to your home. Network issues can overshadow even the simplest tasks. Contact Geeks on Site to learn how we can help you set up a robust, reliable home network or diagnose and fix your connection issues right away.

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