MacBook Broken? How to Determine if Repair is Worth It

As with any other device, MacBooks can be in need of repair.  Whether it is a coffee spill, a cracked screen due to a drop, or simply the age of your device, if you are part of the nearly 100 million active Mac users, odds are you will come face to face with a decision whether to repair your broken MacBook at some point. Knowing how to determine if your MacBook is worth repairing can be stressful. However, there are key factors that can help you make the right decision.

First, it’s important to understand that MacBooks have a fully integrated system and Apple takes a “no-risk” approach to damages by preferring to replace parts instead of repairing isolated damages. For example, if you take your MacBook in for a dented body, instead of the dent being smoothed out, that portion would be replaced. If you spilled coffee on your logic board, the entire board would probably be replaced instead of repairing the isolated damages caused by the spill. Because repairs sometimes turn into replacements, this accounts for the time and cost associated with fixing a MacBook.

How much will it cost?

A major factor in deciding to repair your MacBook is cost. The average cost for repairs runs between $250-$800+ compared to the average cost of a new general-purpose MacBook at $1,000-$2,800 or more. The cost for repairs or replacements depends on the MacBook model and the type of damage incurred. If your device is still under warranty, repairs would be the clear and most cost-effective option, subject to a fee, similar to a deductible. However, if the cost to repair is more than half the cost of the MacBook’s purchase price, repair may not be the best financial option.

What is the age of your device?

Another way to determine whether repairs are worth it is to know the age of your MacBook. On average, Macs last five to eight years. Is your device still able to run the newest iOS version? As long as your device has not become obsolete, fixing it is an option. If your device is suffering a minor issue in the first three years of its lifespan, it may be worth fixing.

 What repairs do you need?

The cost and time required to fix damages will be based on the diagnosed issue. There are generally four Apple repair tiers:

  • Tier 1 – minor parts, reseating, cables, feet, or screws (about $455)
  • Tier 2 – minor board and assemblies issue or power supply board (about $555)
  • Tier 3 – issues related to the hard drive (about $655)
  • Tier 4 – logic board or screen replacement (about $755)

The tier your damage falls into determines the cost and time needed to repair the device which may help you decide whether investing in repairs is worth it for your MacBook.

How long will it take to fix?

Time is important when you are faced with a damaged computer, especially if you use it for work or school. A quick assessment of the time frame needed to complete repairs can help you decide if repairing your MacBook is the right choice. The type of damage involved will dictate how long repairs take and can generally range from a few days to a few weeks or more. Naturally, minor repairs such as replacing a keyboard will take less time than replacing a logic board.

Once you’ve decided to repair your MacBook, you must use a reliable repair service that is experienced in MacBook repairs to maximize the longevity of your device. A professional Mac repair service such as Geeks on Site can assist you with fixing a variety of issues promptly. Seeking a third-party Apple Authorized service provider gives you the same quality of repairs but can often cost less than having repairs completed by Apple directly.

Geeks on Site technicians have extensive experience fixing all MacBook models. They can assist with everything from memory upgrades to liquid damage and more. When you need to repair your MacBook, contact the experts at Geeks on Site at (888) 799-4335 24/7.

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