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Knowing how to fix your computer can save you quite a bit of money and time, that is, however, if your knowledge is up to date and you know what you’re doing. Technology advances faster than most can keep up with, making it imperative to brush up on your computer knowledge from time to time. Here are some essential computer basics every computer user should be aware of.

Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Internet Connectivity


Email is an essential service for most modern computer users. It provides an efficient way to communicate with others, whether for personal or business use. An Internet connection is required to be able to send and receive emails. Email services are offered by providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft as well as individual businesses. You can select various preferences within your email settings, create a personal signature, and much more to create a more customized experience.


Troubleshooting is how a computer user will figure out what is causing their computer to malfunction. In most cases, it is best to test one thing at a time. Some issues may require you to close out a program and reopen it to resolve the issue or you may have to shut down the computer and restart it. Other problems may necessitate replacing physical components. Successful troubleshooting requires learning which components affect the different aspects of your computer.

Installation of Peripherals (Hardware)

Peripherals are auxiliary devices used to either input or get information from a computer. When installing any peripheral, be sure to read through the specific instructions for the device you are installing. However, here are the general steps to installing peripherals:

  1. Ensure the drivers provided with the device you are using are correct for the operating system your computer is running.
  2. Check that the motherboard port you are using is enabled.
  3. Install drivers or plug the device in, depending on the type of device.
  4. Install application software following any prompts or instructions it may give.
  5. Your peripheral should be okay to use although you may want to configure some of the settings based on your preferences.

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