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Category : Data Protection & Recovery

How Do You Really Know Your Devices and Data are Secure?

Many of us have numerous devices we work and play with every day that brim with information about ourselves, our purchases, our preferences, our finances, and our businesses. The need for all of them to be secure from hacks is both real and vitally important. Security is especially important if all – or even a…
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Securing Your Small Business Network: Choosing the Right Router and Firewall

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, network security is critical to keeping the company running. Hackers can cost companies millions of dollars each year and their attack methods are evolving faster than ever. We recommend you plan ahead when choosing your small business router and firewall. As attackers spread and utilize new…
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How to Protect Personal and Financial Data

Saving usernames, passwords, financial and other personal information online is a very common practice for many users. Learning how to protect personal and financial data from cyber-thieves should be a PC priority. Having your information safe will not only prevent you from cyber-theft, but also from personal identity theft, financial scams, medical benefit fraud and…
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The Blue Screen of Death: Data Recovery

Scenario: You’re working on your PC, happily surfing the web for an important work proposal and POW! Out of nowhere, your computer screen freezes, and the screen turns to blue. It appears to be the Blue Screen of Death. The Blue Screen of Death, BSoD, appears when Windows crashes or locks up. This is Windows…
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Protect Your Online Assets

Protect your online assets- anything you can access from online, your computer or cloud, which has a financial equivalent. Regular PC maintenance is a necessity to ensure a healthy and secure computer. The Identity Theft Research center recorded 178 million Americans who were exposed to cyber-attacks in 2015. Computer owners are at high risk every…
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Risky Business: How Secure is My Employee Data

Identity theft isn’t only a problem for shoppers at big-box stores like Target and Home Depot. Small business owners also find themselves in charge of protecting the data most coveted by hackers: names, addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers and bank account numbers for all of their employees. They are often thought of as easy targets…
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