Gadgets for Mom: Geeks on Site’s Top Picks for Mother’s Day 2018

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking about the caregivers in our lives. Mom would appreciate some flowers or a dinner out, but she would be even more surprised if you give her something unexpected.

Our lives are connected to digital devices and your mom most likely has a few of her own that she depends on for entertainment or to stay connected to her loved ones.

Mom can have some fun with tech devices. How about playing some games that she will thoroughly enjoy? How about some applications that will help her perform new tasks? Spend money on something that your mom will enjoy for a long time, like a tech device that will make her life easier and more entertaining.

Secure Her Computer, Give Her Peace of Mind

Has your mother accidentally downloaded a virus to her computer? She may have mistakenly clicked a phishing email that she thought was from her bank, or downloaded software from someone on Facebook. Protect your mother’s computer and private information by purchasing security for her machine.

Gift mom a session with Geeks on Site for a virus scan and antivirus installation. We will eliminate all threats from your mom’s computer and make a recommendation on what software will work better on her computer, according to her usage and personal needs.

Tablets Are a Versatile Tool

Tablets are versatile and portable devices that can offer long hours of entertainment. Whether your mom is retired or still a working professional, she is sure to find a tablet to be a great tool for her everyday tasks. There are countless models to choose from; let one of our Geeks help you decide which one would best suit her needs. Tablets are great tools for reading e-books, and online newspapers and magazines. A Tablet also offers the chance to enjoy games, watch movies and keep in touch with family and friends via social media. If mom needs help getting connected to her home network, we can help with that too.

Set Up a Backup Device

Don’t want to lose any of the Mother’s Day memories and pictures? Your mom may have photos on her computer or essential documents such as her financial records or medical information. It is utterly important to have a backup of essential files and data. These irreplaceable items can be lost if her computer crashes and she may not even know it. Setting mom up with an automatic backup system will keep her records safe and give her peace of mind that her important documents are safe.

Upgrade Her Computer

Most parents are reluctant to change their technological habits. Upgrading mom’s computer with a newer model could change her life and relieve stress. New computers will also provide her with features that will keep her connected to her family such as built-in cameras for video chats or fun games.

Geeks on Site can help you pick out a new computer that not only satisfies mom but also fits your budget. We can help you make this the ultimate gift by setting up the computer and a home network if needed. One of our Geeks can also provide training to your mom on how to use all of the features on her new computer.

Why give your mom what she expects? Surprise her this Mother’s Day with a useful gift that will really blow her away. Contact Geeks on Site today to learn about our products and services.

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