Setting Up Your Business’s Wi-Fi Network

Setting up a free guest Wi-Fi network can vastly improve your customers’ experience when they visit your business without sacrificing the security of your internal network. A guest network offers your visitors entertainment and convenience. However, how do you ensure the security of your internal network? Here are some considerations and tips to review before setting up your business’s Wi-Fi network:

  1. Protect yourself
    Cyberattacks can hurt any business. Protect your business by taking the right steps to set up a secure network. This includes:

    • Place your router in a secure location where only your staff will have access to it.
    • Routinely update login information, specifically your password.
    • Invest in a solid firewall designed for a large and diverse network and understand that this may need to be updated every once in a while.
    • Keep your malware and software updated.
  2. Offer Guest Wi-Fi
    From attracting business to keeping customers entertained in line or in your waiting room, there are several benefits to offering customers free Wi-Fi. Some considerations involved with offering guest Wi-Fi include:

    • Set up a captive portal – a web page that users will view before accessing your network, like your company’s website.
    • Advertise your free Wi-Fi throughout your place of business.
    • Keep your login secure to ensure only paying customers can use it.
  3. Prevent slowdowns
    • The first step you should take to prevent slowdowns is selecting a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). Not all ISPs offer reliable business services.
    • Additionally, be sure to select an Internet plan with a large enough bandwidth and fast enough network speed.
    • Lastly, you can limit access to websites that may slow down the entire network. For example, in addition to distracting employees, streaming services such as Netflix can slow down a network. By blocking bandwidth-intensive websites, you can ensure fewer slowdowns.
  4. Keep the future in mind
    As your business grows, you may want to use your business Wi-Fi for additional services. If you have services you want to incorporate in the future, be sure to invest in a network that can grow with your business. Various upgrades include:

    • Adding video surveillance
    • Setting up integrated messaging for employees
    • Wireless applications
  5. Include fail-safes
    Be sure to design a network with reliability in mind and place various fail-safes within the network. This way, if one aspect crashes or fails, you do not lose the entire network. Creating effective fail-safes for your network is contingent on the specifics of your network. Speaking with an expert is the best way to configure the right fail-safes for your business’s Wi-Fi.

Many considerations go into setting up your business’s Wi-Fi. Not sure where to start? The experts at Geeks on Site are ready to assist you with setting up the right network for your business. We offer remote and on-site services to best accommodate your needs. Call Geeks on Site today to get started!

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