Designing the Perfect Home Wi-Fi Network

So, you have decided to set up a home Wi-Fi network, great idea! However, are you making the most out of your space and equipment? The right home Wi-Fi network setup can bring your household convenience, productivity, and fun. From getting the right equipment to making the right security choices, designing the perfect in-home wireless network can be tricky. Not sure how to design the perfect home Wi-Fi network? We have got you covered!


You will need a few pieces of equipment to design the perfect home wireless network. However, before you purchase anything, we highly recommend speaking with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out what equipment they recommend you use for your setup and what they provide. The necessary equipment can vary between various providers, and your needs will vary based on the size of your home. Your ISP will probably recommend a router/modem/access point. If you are still unsure which equipment is right for your home, consider speaking with an expert. It is crucial to select the right access point equipment, as this is how all your devices will communicate with each other throughout your home.

Placement of Equipment

You may encounter some limitations to where you can set up your access point. Depending on where the connection is available in your home, you should aim to place your setup closest to where you will be using your connected devices. It is imperative to pick a centralized location for your network router to ensure that all your devices will be within range. However, if you have specific rooms where you require the connection, consider placing it there, such as the main living area/entertainment center or a home office. There is an option to extend your Internet range using additional access points or Wi-Fi extenders should that be necessary. This is particularly helpful if your home is large, has more than one floor, or if you need an extremely fast connection in multiple areas of your home.

Extending Signal Based on the Size of Home

Depending on your home’s size, you may want to consider extending the range of your Wi-Fi signal. You can achieve this using Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters which plug into power outlets throughout your home. The other option some users prefer is to install additional access points in those areas of your home that are not in range. Determining the optimal locations to use these extenders or additional access points can be tricky and having a professional come out and evaluate your home would be the best way to ensure you have no dead spots in your home.

Security of Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Ensuring your home Wi-Fi network is secure is not only important, but it can also bring you some convenience. Your network’s security is always something you should monitor and may require some time to perfect but for those living in close quarters with other households (i.e., attached townhomes, apartments, condos, etc.), this is critical. There are several security features available to you when setting up a home Wi-Fi network:

  • Firewalls – Malware threatens the integrity of your personal information. Installing a network firewall is another critical step in ensuring that your home Wi-Fi network remains safe from potential malware threats. There are many options to consider and an endless array of settings you can put in place to protect your network. Speaking to an expert will help determine which options are best for your specific setup and needs.
  • Guest Wi-Fi – A home network provides a lot of security to your personal information and files. However, if you give your Wi-Fi password to multiple guests, you will find yourself either changing your password frequently or compromising your security. With a guest password, you do not have to compromise your network security when you have guests over. You can set up a guest Wi-Fi with limited access to your personal files and a separate password.
  • Parental Controls – Parental controls are a great security feature and make protecting your children’s digital health and safety much more manageable. From setting up time limits to restricting specific websites, there are various options for Wi-Fi parental controls that you may want to consider.

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