Top Tech Essentials for Back to School


As students prepare to go back to school, there are a few must-haves in back to school tech that they need on their list of essentials.


It’s very likely that your student already has a desktop computer and/or a laptop; however, it may be time to replace the laptop if its storage capability is at (or near) capacity. With the volume of documents students are going to read and create going back to school, they will need significant storage capacity and memory or processor speed. Before you buy a new laptop, look at its specifications to make sure the device has a powerful processor and plenty of storage. Laptops, because of their portability, are often preferred by students as opposed to desktop computers.


There’s no doubt that students need a basic software program that includes the ability to create documents of various types. Chances are good that the Microsoft Office Student Edition and Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud (DC) will be the most relevant to their needs. Microsoft Office’s Student Edition includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which will serve the needs of the average student. Adobe Acrobat DC is for working with PDFs and has editing and conversion capabilities for documents created in that format. Users can also create PDFs using this software.

USB Laptop Backpack

These are not only convenient for carrying books and other necessities but also have a built-in integrated USB charger so that students can charge their laptop and other devices when they are on the go. Some even have built-in anti-theft bags.


Printing documents will likely be necessary throughout the course of any education. Students going back to school can save quite a bit of money by using their own printer rather than paying the high cost per printed page at office supply stores and printing centers.

Portable Hard Drive

These allow students to back up their work on a regular basis so they will have a copy of everything in the event that their computer is compromised. Make sure to choose one with a large storage capacity.

Portable Wireless Power Supply

While on the go, charging is often top of mind when purchasing a portable battery pack; take this benefit up a notch by purchasing one with a wireless portable charger. Having this eliminates the need to use and carry around cables.

LED Desk Lamp with Sockets and Device Charging Capability

Good lighting has always been essential for studying and now desk lights can do even more than provide light. Choose one that has flicker-free lighting and the ability to dim the light based on personal preference as well as sockets for devices and the capability to charge devices such as phones.

Software and PC Repair Plan from Geeks on Site

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