Pros & Cons of Outsourcing IT Management


Is it time for your business to consider outsourcing IT services to a vendor?

Outsourcing IT is an important step for any business owner, as it requires handing over the responsibility of your IT infrastructure to a third party. This article will guide you through the advantages and potential disadvantages that your business might face when outsourcing your IT services.

IT Management Knowledge and Resources

When a business relies on only a few resources to handle the entire IT infrastructure, you likely experience restrictions in knowledge and availability to execute on projects. When you outsource your IT to a reliable service provider, your company will benefit from the expertise of several knowledgeable professionals with a range of skills. IT providers often employ professionals who have a wide range of skills, opening up doors for the businesses they serve.

Additionally, IT service providers often have relationships with vendors that provide businesses with technology and services needed to scale for growth.

Security Knowledge and Guidance

Relying on the security knowledge of a single employee could leave your IT infrastructure at risk for breaches. An IT firm will have the knowledge and resources to keep your business secure. A third party can monitor your business’s security 24 hours a day, while a full-time employee will have gaps. Continuous monitoring is necessary to minimize a business’s risk of a security breach.

Unexpected Costs

Outsourcing IT services may lead to unexpected costs from projects that went over scope. Full-time employees can’t surprise the business with a change order for unplanned work. Review your service level agreement (SLA) and make sure that it’s clear what is expected of you if the project is misquoted or takes longer than expected.

Longer Wait Times for Help

Having your IT staff in-house means you have immediate access to them in the event that an issue arises. Hiring an outside IT staff may mean that you have to wait to get communication to solve problems. To work around this, find a firm that offers emergency services that will allow you to escalate problems when needed.

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