Tools for Learning with Technology

In this day and age we don’t just gain knowledge from our surroundings, we are also learning with technology. People all over the world are picking up their electronic devices to learn, whether or not it is their initial intention. Here are some ways you can use technology to gain experience and knowledge.


When you are in a meeting, lecture or on the street you can use your electronic device to record video or audio. With this recording you can go back and look at any previous recordings as a guide for whatever you would like to review or learn.


Obviously, with your computer, tablet or smartphone you gain access to the web. You can look through the news, search a browser and find all the answers to your questions. But how else can you use the internet to build knowledge?
You can use your electronic tool to locate community forums (on a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) focused on a specific topic. Now, this may not seem any different than meeting up with friends and family and asking them for advice, but the truth is, it is much easier to interact with people anonymously. You could go to YouTube as well and stream educational or “how to” videos.


Another option is to download an application to your device. There are millions of applications that can be installed on your device but by selecting the right ones you can try to determine which one provides the best results. Media that is really good for learning may not produce instant results but just like websites on the internet, these resources teach you how to learn and help you to stay engaged.
These are great ways to gain overall knowledge but you might be wondering: How do I even begin learning the basics of digital technology in the first place? Here are a few guidelines.

• Play around. Don’t be afraid to get on your device and try different settings and applications.
• Set boundaries. You need to make sure you have limits to your experimenting. Don’t allow yourself to go coo-coo for exploring ads that pop up on the webpage you are exploring.
• Remember you can quit a specific experiment. You are just experimenting. There is no need to continue on with something you don’t like or don’t feel like using anymore.

Follow this guideline and implement these simple measures to begin learning with technology and about technology. If you would like further assistance or find that you have any questions or concerns regarding your IT related devices, offers a variety of services.

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