How to Install a DVD or CD Drive on a Computer

You may have heard friends talk about “burning” their own custom CDs and DVDs, and you’re wondering how you can do it yourself. With a rewriteable CD Drive, you can burn your own disks. You can install a rewriteable optical drive by following these steps:

Choose the right DVD drive: Check the system requirements of the DVD drive to make sure your computer is capable of supporting it.

Read the installation instructions that come with your DVD drive or CD drive: Some DVD drives require that you install drivers or software before you open your computer and install the DVD drive itself.

Unplug your computer and remove the cover: Make sure to detach all peripheral wires, plugs and power cords. If possible, work on your computer in a non-carpeted area to reduce static electricity, which can damage computer components.

Mark the connector cables: Label the different connector cables with masking tape so you know where they all go.

Set the drive jumpers of the new and existing drives: If you are adding a DVD or CD drive, you will want to make the new DVD drive the “master” drive, or main drive, and the existing CD drive the “slave” drive, or secondary drive. Consult your DVD drive’s user manual for how to do this.

Install the DVD drive into the computer case: Some computer cases have rails that attach to the CD drive itself and then slide into position on the case. Other cases use screws or holding clips to secure a DVD or CD drive. Make sure the CD drive is adequately secured before continuing.

Attach the appropriate cables to your DVD drive: There will be three cables that attach to your new DVD or CD drive: an interface cable, a power cable and an audio cable. These cables will attach your DVD drive to the motherboard. Consult your user manual for instructions on how to find the connection ports on your motherboard.

Restart your computer: Replace the cover and reconnect all power cords and peripheral devices. Turn your computer on and wait for the system to boot up. Search your computer settings to see if a new DVD or CD drive is recognized.

Test your DVD drive. Play a DVD or CD in your new DVD drive to test it. If your DVD drive came with editing or disk-burning software, follow the program instructions to burn a new CD or DVD using a blank rewriteable DVD or CD. Test the new disk in another DVD or CD player. You should now be able to make your own custom CDs and or DVDs.

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