The Growing Use of Computers: Something For Everyone

There’s a misconception that computers and technology are only for the young, employed and courageous.  That’s an outdated stereotype. Thanks to the growth of computers, there is now something for everyone!

At one point or another you’ve probably said to yourself, “I’m just not tech savvy” or “Computers just aren’t for me”. We hear this all too often and disagree. OK – maybe you’re not an expert computer technician, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be either. Computers are for everyone!

For Each Their Own

86% of adults 65 and older did not use the internet in 2000. Today, that percentage has been cut in half due to the increase in computer options.

In 2014 eight in ten U.S. adults said they owned a laptop or desktop computer somewhere in their lives-at home, work, school or somewhere else. More than 3,000,000,000 people use a technology to access the internet every day, worldwide.

Although computers were originally created to solve mathematical equations, computers have millions of functions. Not everyone uses them to purchase groceries (crazy to think about, but some people do), video call or even get on Facebook. We all have different lifestyles and needs.

Your computer is your freedom.

What is it that you wish you could do better? Do you have a dream or a goal that you would like to accomplish that just hasn’t happened yet?

Any roadblock you could imagine is resolvable with the help of a computer.


Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Luckily, computers enable you to stay productive and focused no matter the occasion. Here are a few tools that you can apply to your device’s system:

  • Inbox Pause and Boomerang. Control your inbox; when messages appear, are read and answered.
  • Lumosity and Elevate. Improve your memory, attention, and other mental skills. You can even improve communication and analytical skills!


Those that don’t have the money to go to Italy, or want to learn how to paint, but are too nervous to take a class, or even have a physical impairment can all use computers as an alternative.

You don’t need to be afraid of computer intelligence. The reality is, no one can replace YOU. A computer is an investment; a helping-hand for today’s success.

With the right tools, such as, regular maintenance and insurance for your computer, this investment will provide for a preference life. Once you get a new computer , your life will never be the same! Contact Geeks on Site to find out what kind of insurances we can provide from your computer.

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