Big Changes: Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a platform that fits all.  If you are already using Windows 7, 8 or even later versions such as Windows Vista or XP, you probably feel quite comfortable with your operating system. So why should you update to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is an impeccable in-between, gently upgraded system of appliances and motors. If you find Windows 8 and 8.1 are too complicated and Windows Vista or 7 outdated, Windows 10 is the answer for you.

Here´s what you should anticipate form the new and improved version of Windows:

Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 has re-introduced the Start Menu.
The home screen is equipped with a start menu button in the bottom left-hand corner. This start menu will not only have applications in list format, but as well as a live tile format.

Task View

Are you familiar with Mac OS X’s Mission Control? This feature is very similar and allows for multiple desktops to be viewed at the same time, in the center of the screen.  This will be a great navigation tool for you to jump from one activity to the next.

Search Bar

Located at the bottom of the task bar, to the right of the start menu, a search engine will enable users to search the internet without having to open a browser.

One Drive Prompt

With Windows 10, the user will be prompt to automatically back-up their data on a free One Drive account. Any new documents will be saved by default to this account. This feature is similar to the Mac TimeMachine and icloud system.

Quad view

By dragging a window “off the screen” it will snap into a full- or half – sized window automatically. This is a feature that has been used since Windows 7 and allows for the user to resize the window.

Home Screen

When you turn on your computer domain and reach the home screen of your account, you may notice it is a bit more colorful, though similar to a Windows 7. The homepage uses icons and Metro-style apps that can be launched as windows instead of desiccant screens.


The focus of Windows 10 is to protect your data, as well as the user´s identity. When it is released to the public the hope is to have one operating system that is suitable for all devices and all users.

Microsoft has announced that this will be the last version of Windows, but will continuously update. Microsoft has taken actions to prompt Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to ‘reserve’ their free Windows 10 upgrade.

We always recommend customers to keep their operating system updated. Microsoft doesn´t support all operating systems forever, and in order to protect yourself from viruses, you need an operating system that is as intelligent as the cyber-criminals out there.

If you are to have further questions or are ready to switch to Windows 10, contact us today to see how we can help you! Geeks on Site is always here to assist you with all of your IT related questions and concerns.

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