Beware: Fake Flash and Video Player Updates

Scams and viruses are evolving faster than technology, it is hard to protect our computers as carefully as we would like. If a popup continues to show up asking for you to update Adobe Flash Player or Java within an internet browser you have a virus. It is these pop-up ads are not actually created by the developers of Adobe Flash Player or Java. They are in fact designed to spread adware and browser hijacks on the user’s computer.

This spyware, or in more seriously situations, Trojan, sends pop-up adverts on a regular basis. It makes your computer and internet run remarkably slower. And it magically produces a search bar or toolbar that normally was never there before.

So how do you recognize this virus before you are infected? To begin, make sure to read the fine print before clicking allow on the system download. Typically the infected pop-up will request you to down load a file named flash_player_updater.exe. Or requests to “Download Now” a file named update_flash_player.exe. This adware could as well be attached to recognizable small print on downloads. So in this case set up a firewall to protect your computer because this ad will most likely show up on low-quality sites. For example, sites where you can stream pirate videos.

If the pop-up still shows up, and you are not sure the pop-up is the real deal, turn off your computer. Do not click close or try to navigate around the pop-up. You may be inadvertently inviting the spyware to self-install.

Call your local technical support team so that they can help assist you in the process of removing the virus. They will take the appropriate measures to uninstall the program from the computer system and remove the virus extension from your internet browser. In addition, they can install the real version of Adobe Flash or Java by going to the direct website and doing a download.

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