Top 5 Software Purchases to Make This Spring


While there are literally hundreds of software products for sale, there are certain types of personal computer software that are must-haves for a variety of reasons. The top software products to invest in this spring all have one thing in common: They ease most tasks we do on our personal computers.

These top software products fall into 5 categories


Everyone using a computer needs protection from malicious threats. Without it, you run the risk of having information stolen and your data destroyed. Although there are several antivirus products to choose from, only select and install one on your computer. Installing more than one could result in its locking. Check out Avira Antivirus – it does a good job of preventing malware attacks accurately (which is what you want). It’s also been found to differentiate between a threat on the Internet and a safe website that you are intending to visit without causing undue delays on your computer (an issue with other antivirus programs). When you attempt to go to a website that is known to be dangerous, Avira will show you a warning message in your browser. Essentially, Avira does what it is supposed to do and it does it well.

2)Audio Tools

For those who use a hearing aid or cochlear implant to deal with a hearing impairment, there are software programs designed to be used in conjunction with these devices. It is important to check with your medical team about the options available from your device’s manufacturer. There are also devices that can amplify sounds making them easier to hear for those with a hearing impairment. And yet other devices, provide text captioning on your screen.

MotionSavvy UNI was founded by a team of Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf students. It is “the world’s first two-way communication software for the deaf.” It is able to translate American Sign Language (ASL) into speech and speech into text using a camera that tracks the location of both hands and all ten fingers. It becomes more accurate the more it is used by an individual and allows for customized signs to be added by the user. Also, the program includes a voice recognition software.

3)PDF Tools

With so much communication involving the PDF format, it is essential to have the ability to edit these virtual documents. For this purpose, you will want to consider the iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows. With this editing software, you can delete and add text the same way you would do in Microsoft Word, plus you can add comment boxes, underline, highlight text, and add sticky notes. This product also makes it easy to convert scanned PDF files to editable formats such as Word, Excel, and text due to OCR technology.

4)Image Editors

Are you a lover of all things photography and film? Do you share these often with family and friends? If so, check out the Windows Photo Gallery. Using this product easily allows you to edit and organize photos and movies, and then post them online or share with friends. You can also import photos from your camera, edit them, and place them in photo albums that can then be uploaded if you want to publish them on websites. The product allows you to edit numerous photos simultaneously as well, plus you can also create movies, slideshows, and panoramas. It even has a new face recognition feature that allows you to search for specific people in your image collection.


Avid readers and schools everywhere are turning to eBooks for their efficiency and cost-savings. If you are a part of this trend, try the simple to use, Icecream Ebook Reader. This application allows you to add as many eBooks as you want to your virtual library. They can be viewed either as a list that displays information, such as the author’s name and your reading progress or as a visual bookshelf where you click on your selection to retrieve it. Once you’ve made your selection, you can use a day or night mode, change font size and alignment, and add bookmarks. The Icecream Ebook Reader supports all popular eBook formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, PRC, FB2, and PDF.

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