What Makes a Smart Home Smart? Increase Your Home Automation IQ

Home automation is the on-demand control of various electronic devices throughout your home. With the right equipment, any home can be set up as a smart home. In addition to added convenience, there are several benefits to introducing new smart home features to your home, including energy conservation, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Here are some devices you can include in your smart home configuration.

  • Smart Home Ecosystem
    At the heart of every smart home is what is called the smart home hub. The ecosystem is essentially a connection of compatible devices controlled by a virtual assistant or hub. This device connects the smart home accessories and provides you with the ability to control all of your devices, usually using voice commands or a smartphone app. Some popular examples include Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Nest, and Apple’s Siri. Various smart home accessories and devices are compatible with all or at least some of the available smart home ecosystem hubs.
  • Doorbells
    Various brands have begun making smart-home-friendly doorbells that connect to your smart home’s hub. Devices such as Ring use a camera and microphone to watch, record, and allow you to interact with visitors within sight of your doorbell. This makes it easy to monitor package deliveries and visitors – wanted or unwanted – whether you are home or not.
  • Speakers
    Connecting speakers to your hub is pretty easy thanks to Bluetooth technology. You can choose any style of speaker you want – from an on-the-go option such as JBL’s line of waterproof speakers to a full-surround sound Bose home theatre setup. And of course, the best part is that you can control them from the app on your phone or through your virtual assistant.
  • Security Cameras
    Whether outdoor or indoor, finding a camera system that suits your needs is easy as there are countless options to choose from when it comes to setting up home security cameras to keep your property and your family safe. You will want to be sure you select a security camera system that is compatible with your smart home ecosystem.
  • Lights
    Imagine coming home and asking your virtual assistant to turn on your lights or turning on your lights from a phone application before you even walk in. Better yet – you can turn on and off your indoor and outdoor lights even if you’re out of town so your house doesn’t look so empty. By investing in smart lightbulbs, light switches, outlets, or plug-in modules you can easily achieve this with just about any light in your home. Smart home lightbulbs and plug-in modules are the easiest to implement because they don’t require wiring. All of these options make it possible to control your lights from anywhere, at any time.
  • Air Conditioning/Heat
    Yes, you can even control your thermostat. Products such as the Nest Smart Thermostat connect to your home Wi-Fi and allow you to manage your home’s temperature through your smartphone or preferred smart home assistant. This makes keeping your home’s optimal temperature a breeze whether you’re home or away.

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