Top 5 Computer Tricks that Make Working from Home Easier


Working from home has its challenges but there are several ways you can set yourself up for success in the process. Working from home can be easier if you consider the following computer tricks.

1. Minimize Background Noise

Even though the “mute” button is your tried and true solution to minimizing background noise, this is awkward to use while you are involved in a conversation during a phone call or virtual meeting. Use a headphone and microphone to cut back on extraneous noise while you are speaking and consider purchasing an app that automatically does this for you.

2. Run Security Scans to Check for Viruses, Worms, and Malware

It’s especially important to make certain that the computer you are working on is protected from viruses, worms, and malware. Because your computer is likely operating longer hours than usual every day, it can be more vulnerable than usual to these harmful threats to its information security and functionality.

At Geeks on Site, we rely on the expertise of the following antivirus software and can help with its installation:

  • Avira Antivirus Pro® – available for both Windows® and Mac® OS, it has excellent lab test results for accuracy
  • Hitman Pro® – designed to run alongside your computer’s antivirus software to detect and remove next-generation malware that went undetected by traditional antivirus software

If you find that your computer has been compromised, Geeks on Site can help. Our team of computer technician professionals can connect to your computer remotely to detect and remove a virus for you.

3. Back Up All of Your Important Data – and Often

One of the most important ways to make sure that you never lose any data that is important to you is to use high-quality information backup software. Depending on the type of data you need to back up, there are several very effective programs that Geeks on Site frequently installs and works with, including:

  • Carbonite Cloud Backup Basic – Backs up all your important files and photos automatically, keeping them safe from accidental deletions.
  • Carbonite Cloud Backup Plus – Backs up all your important computer files and photos, plus external hard drive backup, mirror image backup, and automatic video backup.
  • Carbonite Backup-Prime – Backs up all your important computer files and photos automatically, plus external hard drive backup, mirror image backup, automatic video backup, and courier recovery services.

4. Install a Second Monitor

If you have been used to working with two monitors in the office, it is probably worthwhile to either ask your employer for one that you can use at home or purchase one. These are particularly helpful as video conferences often require document and/or presentation review while attendees are on an additional screen. If you run into trouble in the process of connecting an additional monitor, just call Geeks on Site to help you do this remotely.

5. Know How to Easily Share Files

One of the most efficient ways to share files is to work with the system that your employer is already using to share documents. Find out if the company uses Google Drive, Slack, or some other application. These are easy to integrate into most computers and have features that notify you if anyone not authorized to read documents is trying to access them. They also notify you if there are comments and revisions to documents that are being shared.

When you’re working from home, keep in mind that your Geeks on Site technical support team is available to you 24/7 to assist with any computer issues you may experience. In most cases, connecting remotely to your computer is the fastest method to resolve your issue. Call Geeks on Site at 1 (866) 865-6077 to set up a support session!

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