Smart Home Assistants – A Beginners Guide


Now that digital home assistants have gone mainstream, they are quickly becoming the top choice of many to help run their smart homes. A digital home assistant is an electronic device you install in your home that only requires Internet access to respond to your voice commands. You can ask it to control your home’s networked devices, play music, and answer questions.

No doubt you have seen how digital home assistants from Amazon, Google, and others can pick up your voice via a microphone in any room and use speakers and the Internet to respond to your requests for information.  Whether you are looking for weather updates, traffic news, driving time estimates, sports scores, and much more, your digital home assistant has the answers.

One of the most valuable tasks that a digital home assistant can do for you is to simplify how you use your smart home devices. Once installed and connected to your Internet and home devices, a digital home assistant allows you to use voice commands to:

  • Control lighting
  • Play music
  • Answer the doorbell
  • Lock and unlock your doors
  • Run your home security system
  • Turn the television on/off
  • Change the temperature in your home

Using a digital assistant to handle these functions simply by voice allows you to take your smart home to a new level of convenience when you are home and away from home.


Once you decide that having a smart home assistant is right for you, choose a system that works best for your needs by reviewing the capabilities of each one. Amazon Echo and Google Home are some of the most popular systems, and typically cost between $30 and $200 per device, depending on the functions you would like them to control. Whichever system you decide to purchase will need to be properly installed to sync seamlessly with all of your smart home devices and the Internet. This is where the professionals at Geeks on Site can make the difference between a smart home assistant that works and one that doesn’t.

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