Smart Camera Bundles

Secure your home with a smart camera system from the installation experts at Geeks on Site

Geeks on Site offers a wide variety of Smart Camera bundles that can serve any security purpose you might have at home. Our affordable bundles include FREE INSTALLATION from a friendly, certified Geeks on Site Technician.

With our Bundles you can:

  • Monitor your home’s surroundings with our Ring ™ Outdoor Security Cameras and prevent theft before it happens during the day, or during the night with its motion activated lights.
  • Watch and hear what’s going inside your house with our Ring ™ Indoor Camera,
  • Control who is at your front door and see packages delivered with the Ring™ Video Doorbell and its motion-activated notifications.

    Bundles for every need:

The Geeks on Site Smart Home Security Camera FREE INSTALLATION includes:

  • Helping You Decide on Camera Installation Locations – We help you identify the locations that will work best for your needs.
  • Installing Your Smart Home Cameras 
  • Connecting Cameras to Your Wi-Fi Network – We connect your cameras to your Wi-Fi network and make sure it syncs properly.
  • Mobile App Installation and Setup – We make certain that your smart home mobile app is installed and set up to include your security cameras.
  • System Performance Check – We run a complete check of the operation of your security cameras.
  • Training on How to Use Your System – We show you how to use your new system, explaining all the most frequently used features.
  • Or -For an Assessment fee of only $49, you can have a Geeks on Site technician over to help you decide what equipment you need to purchase.

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Why Choose Geeks on Site for Your Smart Home Wireless Camera Setup?

  • Our knowledgeable technicians use state-of-the-art tools to install your security cameras.
  • We offer a 7-day warranty on our service to ensure you are happy with your security camera installation.
  • Geeks on Site has a long history of providing quality IT support services to homes and businesses nationwide.
  • We have provided customers with extensive knowledge about their smart home security cameras for years and we can help you install yours quickly and professionally.
  • All Geeks on Site techs have been thoroughly background checked for your safety and peace of mind.