Small Business Computer Repair: Online vs. In Person

If you’ve always thought of yourself as too small a business to have your own in-house computer support tech person, there are other options. The best one includes remote online repairs and computer support for a tech company that specializes in supporting individuals and small businesses.

Online tech support can work out all sorts of technical knots, while in-person help at a repair shop can save you when hardware issues are dragging you down. Which is the best choice for your situation?

When to Choose Online Computer Support

The beauty of online computer repair is that it’s all handled over the internet. Your support technician will send you a link to what’s called a virtual desktop program to download onto your computer that allows him or her to take partial control of your computer from afar. You’ll be able to watch the technician’s mouse pointer clicking through the files and commands on your machine to solve your problem.
For small businesses, the benefits are numerous – here are a few:

  • Fast and available anytime you need it. Because online support happens over the phone and internet, you can get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Less hassle for you. Your computers can stay right where they are — no disconnecting all your cables and cords, no lugging your computer to a local shop or finding a way to box it up and ship it away for repairs.
  • Keep an eye on your sensitive data. Your online support technician will ask for authorization to access your business files before opening, moving or deleting anything, and you’ll be able to watch whatever is happening on your screen and close it down, if necessary. If you leave your computer at a repair shop, however, you won’t be there to know exactly what technicians are doing.
  • Learn more about troubleshooting your own computer. By watching the technician solve your issue, you can learn how to take care of similar issues in the future. That’s an important facet for a fast-growing small business.
  • Online support fees are competitive and cost-effective. Competition among online computer support services is high, so rates stay competitive. Local shops, which tend to have little competition, tend to charge higher fees.

When to Choose In-Person Computer Support

  • In-person support can handle both software and hardware issues. If a hardware malfunction is the root of your problems, an online computer support service won’t be able to help. In-person repair services can handle best handle those hardware issues like faulty cords, flickering monitors or dead motherboards
  • Local computer support is the better choice if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection. An online support service won’t be able to work remotely on your system at very slow speeds. If you don’t have high-speed internet or your connection isn’t working, a local shop is the better choice. Or invest in high speed internet; it doesn’t cost that much more.
  • Local computer support can help even when you can’t use your computer at all. If your operating system won’t boot up, you can’t connect to the internet or your computer or monitor won’t even turn on, a local shop can still handle the issue.

The best computer repair and support option for small businesses is a service that can start you off online and move to in-person repair as needed. Call in the experts at Geeks on Site to have a skilled technician walk you through your business computer issues, providing online support for Windows and Mac systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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