It’s Almost 2019! It’s Time to Think about Your IT Infrastructure


A high quality, well organized and well planned IT infrastructure is ideal for business. Not only does it reduce costs, but also improves employee management and customer satisfaction. Moreover, it increases productivity and revenue. Each year, we see new hardware and software enter the market that can potentially alter the way we do business. Although change might be difficult, updating IT infrastructure can have an enormous positive impact on your business. Preventing such concerns can save you a lot of money and troubles.

Computer Technology is always evolving, and business owners need to be constantly adapting to prevent issues. An outdated system can struggle to handle an increase in traffic, causing systems to crash, while older security models may not protect you from a data breach.

There are many reasons why a business should look into updating or changing their current IT infrastructure. Below, we discuss some of the most common and critical reasons that you should consider updating your IT infrastructure in the new year.

Cure Your Slow Network Speeds with a New IT Infrastructure

A slow connection to the Internet isn’t always something that can be blamed on your Internet service provider. We often find that businesses do not invest in a network connection that fits their long-term goals, often opting for what works for them right now rather than in the future. As you add more devices to your business, your network will need to easily scale to support the number of uploads and downloads happening in your business. If you are experiencing slow network speeds, it may be time to discuss a change to your infrastructure.

Your Staff feels Tethered to the Office

The way we work is evolving. Most of us work within an 80/20 environment of online versus in-person work time. More businesses are offering a flexible work from home policy that lets their team work remotely when needed. Slack, Google Hangouts, and other tools make it easy for us to stay in touch, regardless of where we are located. Unfortunately, older networks were not built to meet the demands of today’s workforce. In the early 2000s, when most businesses were adding Internet to their office, video calls, web meetings, and working remotely was not a big thing, but as we add more software and products to the market that make it easy for us to work remotely, your team is going to need a faster, more reliable, suite of products that they can easily access and manage. If your team feels tethered to the office, it is likely due to an outdated infrastructure that has not embraced the needs of today’s worker.

Your IT Manager Spends More Time Managing than Deploying

Outdated networks often struggle with new upgrades, which may require constant IT support to handle errors and bugs. By switching to a modern infrastructure, you will simplify your deployments, management, and operations for your business and IT manager.

Upgrading your IT infrastructure in 2019 will dramatically alter how you do business and put you in a position to scale as business needs change. For information on how your business can update its IT infrastructure in the new year, contact Geeks on Site. We have solutions that will work for you.

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