Computer Repair – Sterling Heights, MI

Computer Repair – Sterling Heights, MI

In Sterling Heights, Geeks on Site provides the area with excellent computer repair and support services to homes and businesses alike. Whether you need your computer issues solved or your wireless network installed, we can provide technical assistance whenever you need it.

And while other companies tend to only offer their services in a localized area, we step it up a notch by offering our assistance to people regardless of where they are. Through the combined use of technology and dedication to customer service, we've managed to work out a system to help both homes, businesses and everything else in between no matter where they are located. So whether it be a small home in the middle of Sterling Heights, MI or a large business chain along the southern coast of the United States, they'll get our premium quality service.

Our 24/7 support services include:
Home Services
Business Solutions

If your business's computer needs to get some data recovered or your home's PC is on the fritz, we're there 24/7 and help you remotely or at your home.

Find out more by calling now at 586-435-1734!