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TV Mounting

What is a TV mounting service?

TV mounting is a professional service that involves securely attaching a television to a wall, using specialized mounts and hardware.

How does the TV mount attach to my TV?

The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) interface is the distance between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV (shown as ‘horizontal distance x vertical distance’). This interface is commonly used to mount screens on wall mounts or stands.

Are there different VESA sizes?

The VESA is a mounting interface standard used for attaching monitors and TVs to wall mounts or stands. Televisions use several different VESA pattern sizes. The most common are VESA 200×200 for TVs up to 32 inches, VESA 400×400 for TVs up to 60 inches, and VESA 600×400 for bigger-screen TVs.

Are VESA mounts universal?

VESA and display manufacturers use a variety of mounting interface standards and have a similarly wide range of attachments. Not all monitors use the same pattern and not all arms are the same. While standardized, VESA mounting is NOT universal, rather sub-categorized.

Are there any weight limitations or size restrictions for TVs?

Yes, TV mounts often come with weight limitations and size restrictions. Read the instruction manual to ensure you are adhering to these guidelines.

Can TV mounts be attached to any surface?

As long as the TV wall mount is bolted into wall studs for a drywall installation, or secure holes into a brick wall, the TV should be securely attached to the wall. If you place the screws directly into the surface, the TV will not be very secure.

What different types of TV mounts are available?

There are different types of TV wall mounts which include fixed, tilting, swiveling and full-motion mounts.

Which TV mount should I choose?

When choosing your TV mount, one style is not any better than the other. It depends on your room layout, where you plan to place the TV, and where you will be sitting.

Can TV mounts be repositioned easily once installed?

TV mounts can typically be repositioned easily after installation, depending on the TV mount and its adjustability features.

Can I install a TV mount myself, or should I hire a professional to install it?

While some people may have the skills and tools to mount a TV themselves, hiring a professional is recommended for ensuring proper installation. Contact Geeks On Site to have a professional set up your TV.

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