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Printer Repair and Installation

I can’t print anything from my PC, and it was working fine before. What should I do?

Our technicians can easily connect remotely to your PC and help you reconnect it to your printer. It can be as simple as updating the printer drivers.

​Is it time to replace or repair my printer?

Here at Geeks On Site, we recommend a simple rule: if the printer repair costs amount to more than half of what it would cost to get a new machine, it might be more practical to buy a new one. Contact an agent today to help you get the best price on a brand-new printer.

What is proper printer maintenance?

A printer contains delicate parts that may get coated with dust over time.  It’s important to regularly clean your printer both inside and out, and cover it when not in use. Additionally, clean the inside of the printer at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of dust and grime.

Can I use third-party ink or toner cartridges with my printer, or do I have to use the original manufacturer’s? 

You can use third-party cartridges, but it’s essential to check compatibility to avoid potential issues.

I changed the toner on my printer, and now there are streaks of toner all over it. What is causing this?

Most of the time, it’s due to a bad toner cartridge. Whether you are using an original manufacturer printer toner cartridge or a third-party cartridge, there is always a chance of getting a defective cartridge.

Why are half of my printed pages coming out faded?

Even if the status on your printer shows that there is still toner left in your cartridge, try replacing the toner cartridge and test how your prints come out. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, a Geeks on Site agent can remotely investigate what the underlying issue may be.

Why are my prints coming out misaligned?

Your prints may be coming out misaligned due to issues with the printer’s calibration, paper loading, or paperhead alignment. Contact Geeks On Site to assist with your printing issue.

Why is my printer always jammed?

If your printer is often jammed, it could be due to the type of paper you are using. Heavy weight paper can clog around belts and drums while thin, low weight paper may wrinkle or tear causing jams inside the printer.

Do printers come with drivers?

Many printers now come with a driver built into the OS, such as drivers found in Windows devices and printers, or are available from a Windows Update. Likewise, for MacOS systems, drivers are usually available via Apple software updates. You do not need to pay for printer drivers.

Can I set up my printer to print wirelessly from multiple devices?

Yes, you can set up your printer to print from multiple devices by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network and installing the necessary drivers on each device.

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